Third Crisis: Rat Hide out Puzzles Guide

All the puzzles in the Rat Hideout for the terminals and Cell Door and how to solve them.


Right side Terminal Maze

First we will start with Right side Maze terminal which is easy if you just guide your finger from 1 to the start entrance.
thankfully you have me to give u a picture and the code to free you from that trouble.


Left side terminal X X X X plaque things

For this puzzle it was a little tricky if you overthink it . or maybe i’m just dumb?
but anyways…
you’re gonna Read off the Wall outside of terminal and then count their positions

Middle Terminal Blocks

This one may take you a while.
but if you figure it out on your own you may pick out a toy from the toy treasure chest.

Cell Door black light items

First you must do the Block puzzle first to get the terminal to appear so u can flip the black lights on its like the legend of Zelda eye of truth type stuff going on here for this one
Doing each puzzle will make the hints for the cell door appear on walls nearby.
each appearing on the wall nearby each terminal to hint at how to get cell code.

Thanks to ADizzyKitsune for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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