Timberborn: Gravity Batteries Guide (New Update July 2022)

A short explanation of Gravity Batteries in Timberborn (Experimental branch – July 21st 2022 update)


What are gravity batteries?

Gravity batteries are a newest Power tool available in Timberborn.

They consists of a 2×1 solid BASE, which can (and should) be placed on something really high, such as platforms, and a drop-weight that is also 2×1 but is positioned next to the base, so, together, the whole thing has a 2×2 footprint.

Gravity batteries accumulate excess power from the power network they are connected to (connect your network to the BASE of the battery via power shafts or direct adjacency). They do this by raising the drop-weight, storing 2000 units of excess energy per unit of height.

If the power network cannot meet the demand of connected industries, the drop-weight is lowered at just the right speed to cover the extra power demand.

Notice that only ‘usable’ height is counted — if there is any sort of obstacle or required clearance beneath the drop-weight, it reduces the maximum depth to which it can descend, and thus reduces the storage capacity accordingly:

Hints: Place the battery over cliffs or large water reservoirs, where you are unlikely to ever build, plant, or grow crops. For increased benefit, place some platforms (as high as you can) first to maximize the drop height:

Thanks to Alcator for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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