Timberborn: How to Play Custom Maps

Here is a guide on how to play custom maps in Timberborn.   Download the Maps The game is not (yet) provide us with steam workshop so you need to download manualy on website here[timberbornmaps.com] Choose your map and click at (title.json) to download Put the Files After you download the map(s), put the file into […]

Timberborn: Beaver Maps Guide

A simple photo guide to inform your journey. Know before you go. Editor mode photos of each of the playable maps included in the game, with tips and notes about resources.   Introduction: The Maps are arranged below by order of size, largest to smallest. They come in Full size, Three quarter, Half size, and […]

Timberborn: All Building Guide (Shapes & Sizes)

Ever wondered what size is that building you don’t have unlocked yet, and thus can’t preview? So did I, and it frustrated me enough to make this guide.   A word of introduction If you’re like me, you enjoy planning ahead in games like these – but Timberborn, for all its nice sides, prevents you […]

Timberborn: Basic Guide (Resources, Buildings, Waterways)

A guide to Timberborn of “gee, I wish I knew that” and other useful information   Basics on Resources Resource: an Overview: There are multiple visible resources, and several resources which are not immediately visible but also must be tracked, in Timberborn. Resource management is important when building and planning your beaveropolis. Most resources are […]