Tonight We Riot: Section 3 Boss Tips

Tonight We Riot is split up into four worlds with four levels and one boss fight each, and then one final mega-level. There’s also an unlockable endless mode that has players taking on waves of enemies. here is a quick walkthrough to get full revolution survival on the boss level of section 3.


If you’re having trouble keeping your comrades alive in the level 3 boss level – where you fight a Kraken – here’s my solution. When you trigger the Kraken and have the main Comrade stand on the explosive claw button, continually direct (right click on PC) your comrades to the far side of the explosive barrel container, which should have a sliver of dock visible. None of the Kraken attacks reach there, and if you’ve got most of the other items found so far, you’ll have no trouble surviving even if the Kraken knocks you out of position a couple of times.

Credit to ImmortalAzazel


Tonight We Riot, now available Steam, is the first game developed by Pixel Pushers Union 512.

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