Top 5 Signs That Tell You To Be More Careful Pre-Ordering The Game

Pre-ordering games have riskes, I don’t know since when paying for games half a year before it releases became a trend, but we need to be careful while pre-ordering, and here are 5 signs you might need to pay attention to before you pre-ordring a game.


Developers Leave During The Development

Would you just leave if you are well-funded and making something great? If even developers had enough of what they are making, well that game is probablly not going to be good. The development of games is not easy, it take lots of time and lots of talented people, and lots of coffees, developers’ leaving probablly means what they are making don’t deserve the time they spent. Of course there are exceptions but still need to be careful if you want pre-order it.

Change The Developement Studio

If people are making sequels of a game, that means the original one must be great, but making a game needs talents and years of work of a studio, if the sequel is developing by another studio, well, need to be careful with that, the style of a studio can’t be coped easily, let another studio doing what is not suitable for them will make the process much harder and the game that comes out probably will not be as good as the first one, not matter how hard they tried to duplicate the style, it’s just won’t feel right.

Marketing As A Game’s Killer

“This game will overthrone World of Warcraft”, “Overwatch killer”, I guess we all have saw commercials like this, but not game have actually kill them so far. All those games, they are just pick up a popular game to draw people’s attention but they usually got affected by the game they choose and those who were called killers just turned out to be a poor made replica of the original with zero original idea.

Showing Off Graphic But No Actual Gameplay

Lots of players love great graphics, they can spend thousands of dollars on their PC in order to get the best visual experience, and developers are also trying they best to improve the look of their games, but there were tons of games which can’t be saved by its beautiful graphic. I’m not saying that games with good graphics usually have a bad gameplay but if a game don’t shows actual gameplay, and showing off their graphics only, well, you probably need to think twice before pre-ordering it. Of course, studios like Rockstar and Naughty Dog, they do not follow this rule.


It’s An EA Game

Electronic Arts has once again earned the title of The Worst Company in America, they have killed so many good studios and so many games that was sopposed to be good, I’m not going to list the worst thing they have done, let’s just talk about this year, yep, Battlefield V. The main controversy about Battlefield V is putting a women who has a prosthetic arm on the frontline of World War II and its wacky customization system, the first time I saw the characters in it, I thought its a new Far Cry game. What’s worse? EA started blaming players for being sexism, which is not what this is about at all. We all know that customization system is all for the micro-transaction, after the Battlefront II, EA still haven’t learned.


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Post Author: Robins Chew