Torchlight 3: Sharpshooter Builds Guide

Torchlight III is a new RPG game released via Steam on Jun 14, 2020,  Sharpshooter is the latest hero class for the game, if you want to play Sharpshooter, here is a simple guide on how to make builds for Sharpshooter.


How to Build Sharpshooter for Torchlight 3 Game?

Ghost Visage for movement

Rizi for slow debuff>
Goose dmg vulnerability debuff>
Scouts bones for poison>
Relic Bane more poison>
Tight grouping (aoe cleanup)

Rinse and repeat.

Use Ghost Visage to move through the enemy and along with Scouts bones and Relic Bane to stack poison. Lock them down with Rizi and Goose. Alternatively you can use Rizi’s bonus to immobilize elites and bosses then continue with the combo. Experiment with the bonuses, they are listed in the skill description.

To compliment the build further try to get gear with knockback, crit chance and crit dmg. The only honorable mention for skills to try would be Curse of Pi’pi but it’s up to you to choose which skill to sacrifice, I usually trade off with Ghost Visage but you gotta be extra careful of your positioning.

I didn’t like any of the other skills and I maxed them on another character to test them out, Explosive shot and Heart Seeker were both underwhelming, I like Tight Grouping more than Scatter Shot. Reload can be usefull if you are using two Precision skills other than that I wouldn’t put anything into it.

Credit to Ludens



Here are a few staple Sharpshooter skills which should give you a good idea of how the class plays.

Scatter Shot

Use your weapon and do a short range, wide cone burst of projectiles, each dealing damage. Holding it down increases the damage.

Heart Seeker

Fire a piercing arrow that knocks enemies back and does weapon damage on hit and leaves them bleeding.

Targeted Strikes

Fire three piercing shots each dealing weapon damage. Each successive hit to the same target deals extra damage.

Scout’s Bones

Summon an ancient rat spirit swam that moves slowly, piercing targets for damage and leaves them poisoned.

Sacrifice to Goose

Call down the great spirit of a great eagle you call ‘Goose,’ who knocks back enemies and applies damage vulnerability to them.

Loyal Shasta

Summon the spirit of your best friend, Shasta, who deals weapon damage and taunts enemies.

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