Torchlight III: How to Fix NPCs no Sound

Here is a simple guide on how to fix No sound for NPCs, quest givers and lore items, hope this method will work for you.   No time to waste Here’s the fix Four steps, easy to follow. Press Escape key Go to the Options Change your Language to something else Go back to your original one And… that’s it! […]

Torchlight 3: Sharpshooter Builds Guide

Torchlight III is a new RPG game released via Steam on Jun 14, 2020,  Sharpshooter is the latest hero class for the game, if you want to play Sharpshooter, here is a simple guide on how to make builds for Sharpshooter.   How to Build Sharpshooter for Torchlight 3 Game? Ghost Visage for movement Combo> Rizi for slow […]