Tormented Souls: Diary Entries Location (Anna, Bertran, Maria, William)

Diary entries locations for the collectible achievements Love, Dedication, Redemption, Suffering.   Anna 01 Children’s Room – secret room, before you open the huge vault to the bunkers, later in the game Anna 02 Public Restroom Anna 03 Children’s Room Anna 04 Experiment Room (Morgue‘s secret passage), after you free the girl in the cell Anna 05 Pumping […]

Tormented Souls: All Puzzles Guide

Tormented Souls contains many puzzles that you must solve to advance the story. All but one of these puzzles are necessary to complete the game. This guide will show how to complete all the puzzles quickly, which can prove helpful when doing the Speedrun, or simply for reference on a first playthrough. Depending on which […]