Total Tank Simulator: How to Defeat Spawners

Total Tank Simulator is now LIVE on Steam, here is a simple guide on how to defeat spawners in the game.


A Step-by-step Guide on How to Defeat Spawners

Step 1. Place artillery (I used heavy/fire but most artillery besides smoke should work. haven’t tried rockets yet.) near the back of the spawn zone, if possible in a clearing. If there isn’t enough room place structures like bunkers. They delete trees surrounding them.

Step 2. Take control of one of the artillery units via ctrl then press M for the artillery map. This makes using the gun and finding enemy units a lot easier.

Step 3. Locate the VIP buildings/spawners from your current position. The Spawners don’t show up on the map, however, there is ‘usually’ an AA gun next to it that will appear on the map. From there on it should be easier to pin point where you need to aim.

Step 4. Open fire! You might run out of ammo before destroying the spawner. If so just switch to the next artillery and repeat said steps.

Step 5. VICTORY!

Credit to c.bundy99



Is Total Tank Simulator going to get a multiplayer mode?

We have considered the possibility but for initial release we will focus exclusively on single player.

How many units can we expect per nation?

A lot, the number of units is variable per nation but in the game, there are up to 200 different units in-game!


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