Total War ROME REMASTERED: How to Transfer saves from Original to Remastered (Step-by-step Tutorial)

A short and simple guide for transferring saves from the orignal Rome:Total War to the remastered version. (Windows 10).

Note: Replays cannot be transferred as trying to load an old replay in Remastered will instantly crash the game.



Finding and Copying the Original save

Let’s get started, you’ll first want to navigate to your original Rome:Total War folder and find your saves. This is usually located at “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rome Total War Gold\saves”, Pics below on how to find the folder
Note: Most people’s Steam folder is located in the “c: Drive”. If yours is located elsewhere, replace “c:” with whatever letter your drive usesc: Drive

Program Files (x86)




Rome:Total War Gold



Right click the save you want to transfer and copy it, once that is done, proceed to the next step.

Moving/pasting the save to the Remastered folder

After you have copied the save, navigate to the Remastered version’s save file, which is located in a completely different folder. It should be under “C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Feral Interactive\Total War ROME REMASTERED\VFS\Local\Rome\saves” More pics below for aid on how to find the folder
Note: Replace “c:” with whatever letter your drive uses. Replace “UserName” with your PC user name (may not be the same as system name)c: Drive



This folder will be named whatever your PC user name is


The folder you need to access here is normally hidden, which you can reveal by first clicking on “View” near the top of the window and then checking the “Hidden Items” box on the right side.



Total War:Rome Remastered

This should be the only folder here





Paste save file

Paste the save you copied earlier here

Load and Play

After you’ve completed the above steps and copied and pasted the folder to the new destination, launch Rome Remastered and load the save just as you would any other. If all goes as planned, the game should load in and let you play, Congratulations, you’ve successfully transferred your save from the Original version to the Remastered version, if you’re able to successfully complete the game using an old save, please let me know and provide screenshots too!

This should also work for Barbarian Invasion and Alexander though I currently haven’t tested either, if you want to transfer saves for those games, you’ll want to use their respective folders instead of the Rome one.

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