Total War WARHAMMER II: DLC Tiers Guide (Which Worthy to Buy)

New in TW wh2 and wonder which dlc to buy first? Thin on budget and want only best content for small $? This guide is for you.


General rules
Best ‘dlc’ for game 2 is tw wh 1.Why ? You get access to mortal empires combined map features OldWOrld and New world from game 2.And 4 new races. Grab in on sale when is -70% off. Second biggest value are race packs of up to date races and then lord packs that gives you new campaign goals or races form wh1 if you choose not to get it yet/you are interested in one particular old world race. Which one of them are those ? Well, that’s why you need my tier list.
Disclaimer:of course that the Tier list is subiective and single player focused if dont care about new campaigns and you value for example strong units to make armies better in multi then it might be diffrent for you,feel free to ask me to make tier list disigned for you.
REMEMBER if you like one race much more thatn others and you are ‘main’ of it the rule is- buy all content for it at first place, this is general guide for those who doesnt have their favotite yet and want to experience everything first.

Tier list
  • S: Warhammer 1
  • A:Rise of Tomb Kings,Curse of the Vampire coast
  • B:Warden&Paunch, Hunter&Beast
  • C:Shadow and Blade, Realm of the wood elves,call of beastman
  • D:Warlock and prophet,Quenn and Crone, ,king&warlord,grim & grave
  • E*:Norsca,Chaos warriors.
Explanation of placing
A- those are 2 the most recent race packs with whole new races not avaible in any other way + 4 lords/factions each nad new campaign map victory condiotions.
B- Best lords packs in twwh2 – new campaign rules plus it gives you game1 race if you dont own game 1 and dont want to: Warden&paunch to get orcs and Hunter& beast to get Empire(humans)
C- Shadow and Blade is cool lord pack with new campaign but it focuses on races you already know from vanilla and is very short and simple one,so no as good as tierB lord packs; other DLCs here are WH1 race packs with add a lot of content but arent on the lvl of game 2 polish and rather needs a reworks/pathces + you need game 1 which u may not have.Actualy buy those lord packs on sale.

D:Lord packs that doesnt bring anything other than new units and lords. They can still be awesome! But you should choose those that fits your preferences- reinforcing your favorite races.There is no point in buiying them before you try the race in vanilla version in campaign so you say if you like them or not.
E: chaos races are old, was pre-order bonuces once and CA doenst update them for now,plus horde factions needs some rework because those campaign are kinda meh .They are suppose to be mayor powers in game 3 so you can skip them for now or if you do want them anyway grab phisical edition of game 1: the dark gods edition somewhere to grab them for free.

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