Total War WARHAMMER III: Hidden Unlockable Legendary Lords

A to-the-point guide to unlock Boris Ursus and Be’lakor. The guide will be updated if/when other unlockable lords are added in the future.   Boris Ursus (Kislev) As a Kislevite faction, you will need to control simultaneously the 3 settlements of Kislev, Praag and Erengrad for 10 continuous turns. This will trigger a quest battle […]

Total War WARHAMMER III: Recommended Graphics Setting (Campaign & Battle)

Every graphical setting has been tested, using both the campaign and the battle-in-game benchmarks.   Introduction I have gone through all the graphical settings for Total War: Warhammer 3 and tested the performance impact of each using the two in-game benchmarks. These tests were carried out on the release version of the game v1.0.0 12381.2524378 […]