Totally Accurate Battle Simulator: How to Fix “Coming Soon” Bug (Unit Creator Beta)

Here I let you know how to fix common bugs added by the TABS Unit Creator and how to fix them. I’ll add bugs as I experience them such that I can personally vouch for the solution, but if you would like to send me info about a bug and a step-by-step solution a la the Coming Soon bug then I’d be happy to include you in the guide.


The Unit Creator is still in Beta, so these bugs are to be expected. It’s great that Landfall is even giving us a Unit Creator at all, so don’t go hate on them because it isn’t completely perfect the first try.

The “Coming Soon” Bug
When you first start up TABS and go into a battle, you may notice that your custom units don’t appear and your faction menu looks like this:

The way to fix this is quite simple.

Step 1

Exit the battle.

Step 2

Click “Custom Content” on the main menu.

Step 3

Click “Factions”. You’ll notice that your custom factions all say they have 0 units in them. For example:

Step 4

Create a faction with one unit. Name it whatever you want, give it whatever icon you want, it doesn’t matter. Once the faction appears, you’ll notice that all of your factions now have units in them again. For example:

That’s It!

This is how to fix this bug.
NOTE: You only have to create a faction the first time you do this. Every other time, you can simply edit the faction you have already made. For example, the faction I use to fix this bug is the Test faction. You’ll see that it only has one unit in it.

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