Touhou Kouryudou Unconnected Marketeers: All Ability Cards

A translation/cheat sheet of all the Cards available to unlock in-game, so that you can Shift+Tab your way through stages instead of Alt+Tabbing them. All the hard work by Touhou Wiki contributors.


Ability Cards

What are Ability Cards?

As you play through the game, you can buy and unlock cards, therefore being able to carry a few of them over to the start of your next playthrough. Knowing what the cards do is nice, but as such this will spoil the surprise of what’s in this game. Your stock will only grow and so will your “hand”, so try to find out the combination of cards you like the best!

Item Cards

Note: All of these activate upon purchase and cannot be equipped.

Life Card
Gives you 1 more life upon purchase.
A simple and useful card.

You’re not sure whose life is contained within it,
but let’s just accept it gratefully.

Spell Card
Gives you 1 more Spell Card upon purchase.

It’s… a little unclear what differentiates a “Spell” “Card” from a “Spell Card”.
Its effect is plain, but it helps you out a bit.
Sure is plain, though.

Fragmented Life Card
Gives you a life fragment.

A card you’re a little bit glad to have.
Could it be someone’s meager life force in here…?

Fragmented Spell Card
Gives you a Spell Card fragment.

A card you’re a teensy bit glad to have, but…
It’s probably the most half-baked ability in the world.

Money Comes and Goes On its Own
Nazrin’s ability to give you more money.

She gathered up everything that was lying around nearby.
This card is basically a cheque-cashing item.

Ringo-Brand Dango
Ringo’s ability to considerably increase your Power. +.50

Ya can’t fight on an empty stomach!
How about some Ringo-brand dango?

Immortal Bird’s Tail
Fujiwara no Mokou’s ability to increase your lives by 3.
Extremely strong, with no strings attached; no ability could be more powerful.

Offense… Defense… Evasion… Memorization…
From an immortal’s perspective, they’re all nothing more than rules to a petty game!

Equipment Cards

A.K.A. Options, either for attacking or negating.

Yin-Yang Orb
Reimu Hakurei’s ability to shoot homing bullets at enemies.
A useful card that can beef up your attack power in a simple way.

When exactly did this ability get copied?
It’s scary to think that something like this is out there circulating…

Yin-Yang Orb (Needle)
Unlocked when clearing as Reimu
Reimu Hakurei’s ability to shoot youkai-vanquishing needles.
A simple, easy-to-use card with absolutely no special traits.
For youkai, Reimu’s needles must surely be an
itch-scratcher that feels achingly good.
That’s why they keep happily getting hit with them.

Marisa Kirisame’s ability to shoot a laser.
One of the highest-firepower Equipment Cards there is.

There are many humans and youkai who wanted to try
shooting a laser, so it’s a fairly popular card.

Mini-Hakkero (Missile)
Unlocked when clearing as Marisa
Marisa Kirisame’s ability to shoot missiles.
There are times when a slower shot can be useful as well.

…There was a time when I thought as much, too.
A useful card that simply boosts your attack power.

Maid Knife
Sakuya Izayoi’s ability to throw knives.
Throwing knives that can be shot left and right.

You are not qualified to be a maid
until you can aim and hit the fairies.

Maid Knife (Ricochet)
Unlocked when clearing as Sakuya
Sakuya Izayoi’s ability to throw ricocheting knives.
A card that concentrates its attack power on specific points.

Your shot becomes flashier, which feels great.
The flashier the attack, the better, right?

Safe Return Amulet
The Moriya Shrine’s popular amulet.
Can shoot exploding frog shots.
One of Sanae Kochiya’s abilities…
or rather, something Suwako gave to her.
A good-luck charm to ensure your safe return home.

Shed Snakeskin Amulet
Unlocked when clearing as Sanae
Can shoot snake bullets that bite at the enemies.
One of Sanae Kochiya’s abilities…

or rather, something Kanako Yasaka gave to her.
People say that holding this charm gives you a healthier body.

Half-Half Ghost
Youmu Konpaku’s phantom. Attacks while following right behind you.

It’s half of Youmu’s ghost half, not half of Youmu herself. So it’s 1/4 of her.
Being possessed by a phantom is typically nothing to be glad about,
but since it attacks things for you, it’s something you can more-or-less rely on.

Shanghai Doll
Alice Margatroid’s doll. Automatically seeks out enemies to defeat.

It moves as if it’s got a mind of its own,
but dolls don’t have minds. Well, probably…

Ice Fairy
Cirno’s ability to scatter ice shards everywhere.
Attacking wildly in every direction is far too thoughtless.
But for an ice fairy, that’s exactly what proves that she’s the strongest around!
Use that thoughtlessly wide attack range to your advantage.

Back Door
Okina Matara’s ability to unlock the door in one’s back.
Erases bullets behind you, and can deal damage as well.
For living creatures, the back is both a weak point and a utopia.
Does it hide a wise sage, to whom you can entrust your back?
Or does it hide Tenma, residing in paradise?

Annoying UFO
Nue Houjuu’s ability. Summons a UFO flying around you.
The UFO becomes a shield, capable of erasing bullets.
You’ve seen plenty of photographs of UFOs, right?
But there’s no space war going on.
UFOs fly around just because they feel like it.

Ancient Magatama
Misumaru Tamatsukuri’s ability to make a magatama appear on each side.
They erase bullets coming directly from either side of you.
Whenever they dig up ancient artifacts of unknown purpose,
humans immediately imagine that they were used for religious purposes.
Even though they actually had a much more practical use.

Passive Cards

Similar to Equipment, but not quite about Options.

Blank Card
Appears in first slot when clearing the game
An Ability Card with nothing written on it.
Chimata Tenkyuu’s ability. In exchange for all of your money,
you immediately obtain only the rare cards that are available in the next shop. Cards on the Left Side
In the event that you obtain this card, all the cards
you currently have will instantly be discarded.

Miser’s Advice
Nitori Kawashiro’s ability, which embodies her policy of
“everything that people drop is mine for the taking!”
Your item collection radius shall expand dramatically!
Kappa can stretch their arms out, so this is clearly
taking advantage of that fact to scoop up items.

Offerings to a Sacred Mountain
Kanako Yasaka’s ability to collect every last thing offered to the mountain.
The item autocollect line is dramatically lowered!

“All offerings to the mountain belong to I!”
Ah, it has such a self-centered ring to it!

Death Avoidance Elixir
Eirin Yagokoro’s ability to negate a death in exchange
for two Spell Cards (or one, if you only have one left).
A medicine that’s popular with demographics who have issues with
elixirs of immortality, but will happily accept elixirs of long life.
There’s really not much difference, though.

Lucky Rabbit’s Foot
Tewi Inaba’s ability. A tiny bit of good luck visits you upon getting hit.
Your window to use a Spell Card upon death gets longer,
and you won’t lose any money upon dying, either.
A good-luck charm that helps you avoid losing lives,
as quick and cunning as a rabbit.

Law of the Survival of the Fittest
Saki Kurokoma’s ability to increase the power of your regular shot. (size too)
A useful ability that helps make you stronger even if your Power is low.
No matter how much one uses their head or devises strategies,
everyone’s bound to surrender in the face of overwhelming strength.
Attack power’s what really matters in the end, y’know?

Sutra of Dharmatic Power
Byakuren Hijiri’s ability to massively buff your Spell Cards.
The cooldown time for Active Cards also decreases.
You can attack enemies with your peashooter all you like, but in the end,
you’re bound to get cornered in no time and beat ’em with a huge release of magic.
So if you’re gonna power something up, it’s gotta be your Spell Cards!

Pebble Hat
Koishi Komeiji’s ability to prevent you from crashing into enemies.
You also lose less power when you get hit.

Is it just me, or is nobody noticing me?
Huh, okay. That’s convenient.

Bursting Red Frog
Type: Passive Card
Suwako Moriya’s ability to make your shot sometimes explode.
Your main shot will sometimes catch small-fry in the blast.
People often talk about exploding frogs with firecrackers back in the day.
But you think they don’t go around exploding on their own, don’t you?
As a matter of fact, they do explode naturally.

Gale Geta
Aya Shameimaru’s ability to enable super-fast movement.
You can move at extreme speeds while not firing any shots.
During high-speed movement, your hitbox becomes extremely small,
and you become very briefly invincible when beginning to move.
It’s the ability to cause hitbox crimes that only a tengu can.

Idol Defense Corps
Keiki Haniyasushin’s ability. Your options become able to erase bullets.
To beat the enemy, you need trustworthy allies. Speaking of which,
your options are always right by your side, aren’t they?
If they could become shields that erase bullets…!
(Unfortunately they each have a cool-down time.)

Princess Kaguya’s Secret Stash
Kaguya Houraisan’s ability to produce a
Spell Card item whenever you get hit.
Nobody needs impractical things like five secret treasures.
What do you think the most crucial thing for an eternal life is?
…That’s right. Savings.

Reliable Tanuki Apprentice
Type: Passive Card
Mamizou Futatsuiwa’s ability to constantly keep your Power high.
You receive +1.0 Power upon acquiring this card,
and if you die, you can only lose Power down to 3.0 at minimum.
P Items are basically just dead weight, yeah?
Scurryin’ around to grab those things is playing right into the enemies’ hands.
Leave stuff like item-scrounging to your underlings.

Danmaku Ghost
Yuyuko Saigyouji’s ability to sometimes erase enemy bullets via grazing.
Ghosts do not fear death. Rather, they cannot fear death.
Grazing means accepting the fear of death.
For a ghost who couldn’t possibly fear death,
grazing should pose no threat at all.

Kiketsu Matriarch’s Threat
Yachie Kicchou’s ability to make enemies produce extra money.
Steal meager amounts of money from fairies with a demeanor
that’s polite, yet also steals one’s will to resist.
What do you need when it’s time to buy an Ability Card?
What’s the most important thing in one’s life? You should know the answer.

Money Is The Best Lawyer In Hell
Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu’s ability to spend 200 of
your money and pretend that a death never happened.
I know everything that you did in life before you died.
…Since you have that much money in your possession,
it seems that you’re worthy enough to get a second chance at life.

Physical Enhancement Jizo
Narumi Yatadera’s ability to gradually gain lives over time.
You receive 1 more life upon acquiring this card,
and every time you clear a stage, you get a life fragment.
Thank you for always providing for the jizo-sama statues!
You want a healthy body in return, don’t you? Don’t you?

Spell Before The Fall
Patchouli Knowledge’s ability to gain more Spell Cards.
You receive 1 more Spell Card upon acquiring this card,
Gives you 1 more Spell Card when acquired.
and every time you clear a stage, you get another Spell Card.
What’s the most important thing for a magician?
It’s to conserve magic power, right?

Passive Cards (Boss)

The following can be bought from their respective stage bosses in order (or from progression otherwise):

Lucky Cat with Good Business Skills
Mike Goutokuji’s ability to improve product lineups.
The variety of cards you can buy from bosses will increase!

The maneki-neko living at Goutoku-ji are normally white cats,
so she had a tough time due to being born a calico cat.

Yamawaro Shopping Technique
Takane Yamashiro’s ability. You can buy cards for slightly cheaper.

The ironclad rule of commerce: buy cheap, sell high.
But that doesn’t mean you have to buy cheap products.
Yamawaro have techniques that let them stock high-quality goods at low prices.

Dragon Pipe
Sannyo Komakusa’s ability. Your stock of lives slowly increases.
A life fragment appears every time you capture a Spell Card.

When you’re doing good, you get more lives: an ability for really livin’ it up.
“Go ’round three times, then sit down for a smoke.”

Gluttonous Centipede
Momoyo Himemushi’s ability to make you stronger if you don’t die or bomb.
You gradually get stronger each time you defeat an enemy,[23]
but if you die or use a Spell Card, you’ll go back to normal.
You have more reason to be frugal with your Spell Cards, which gives you a tingly feeling.
That’s the centipede’s toxin at work.

Sky-Blue Magatama
Type: Passive Card
A magic item that lets you breathe even in low-oxygen areas.
Some humans think that dungeons have breathable oxygen
just like everywhere else, but that’s a big misassumption.
The only ones who can breathe easy in dungeons are video game characters.
*Always equipped during the Extra Stage
*Can’t be equipped outside of the Extra Stage

Active Cards

These are used by pressing the “C” button. They have a cooldown.

Screen Border
Yukari Yakumo’s ability to let you freely warp between screen edges.
Press the card-use button on the edge of the screen, and you’ll warp to the other edge.
A card that’s popular amongst many humans and youkai,
because “what is a screen edge, anyway?”
is a great topic for getting people’s interest.

Miracle Mallet
Shinmyoumaru Sukuna’s ability to change enemy bullets into money.
A brave inchling vanquished a giant oni.
The “Miracle Mallet” that the oni dropped in its wake
was an object that could grant any wish imaginable.
“Oh, if only the bullets were all money…!”

Keystone of Endurance
Tenshi Hinanawi’s ability to throw a keystone, which acts as a shield and erases bullets.
A reliable stone that can erase a considerable number of bullets.
“Offense is the greatest defense?”
In the world of danmaku, where survival Spell Cards exist,
defense is the greatest offense of all!

Moon of Madness
Clownpiece’s ability to hurl a fake moon straight forward.
Boasts considerable attack power,
a considerable defensive area,
and an okay-ish cooldown time.
Dang, the moon really is cool (in a safe way)!

Esteemed Authority
Toyosatomimi no Miko’s ability to thin out bullets with her authoritative aura.
Almost all danmaku is just background noise.
Only a small fraction of the bullets are truly important.
Place your hands together and focus, and you should see
only the bullets that pose a threat to you. Simple, right?

Vampire Fang
Remilia Scarlet’s ability to deal
fatal damage with a fang at short range.
A card that lets you perform as many super-powerful, close-range attacks as you’d like.
Spell Cards? How silly.
You can finish something like that off in one bite.

Underground Sun
Utsuho Reiuji’s ability to burn everything to ash.
Ultimate attack power, endless invincibility time,
a way-too-long cooldown, and it eats up your own Power to boot.
Nudging your way through danmaku is for wimpy showboaters!
If you’re really powerful, you just need to burn everything down.

Item Season
An ability card that summons Lily White when used.
She’s an item carrier.
She either holds a Spell Card fragment or a life fragment.
But be careful, because she shoots bullets at you too!
Every time you summon her, she gets stronger!

Heavy Bass Drum
Raiko Horikawa’s ability to wipe away enemy bullets at close range.
It’s plain, but you can thwack it over and over!
What do you think enemy bullets are made of?
They’re waves. Ergo, there’s nothing strange about
being able to cancel them out with sound waves!

Sumireko Usami’s ability to reflect enemy bullets (except lasers).
If you had psychic powers, which one would you use?
Teleportation? Telepathy?
Hmm, I guess I’d have to go with some nice psychokinesis.
I mean, you can take care of everything besides that with technology, right?

Spirit Power Sample Bottle
Tsukasa Kudamaki’s ability to fire a Spell Card in exchange for Power.
When you’re surrounded by danmaku and sense danger–
when you think “it’s over!”, “I’m finished!”– what would you do?
Why, yes. You’d use a Spell Card. That’s exactly what you’d do.
This card lets you fire off as many Spell Cards as you want.
Also unlocks if you buy the card below.

Great Tengu’s Barley Rice
Megumu Iizunamaru’s ability to increase your Power any number of times.
You receive +1.0 Power upon using this card,
and when you’re at full power, you receive a Spell Card fragment.
Why are you collecting Power after setting foot on the mountain?
You should pack tons of food to begin with, and then set out.
Also unlocks if you buy the card above.

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