Touhou Kouryudou Unconnected Marketeers: How to Install English Patch on Linux

The default language of the Touhou Kouryudou ~ Unconnected Marketeers. game is Japanese, Here is a simple tutorial on how to install an English patch on Linux.   READ ME Commands only work if your Steam library is in its default location. Each step has only one command. Don’t try to split up the commands […]

Touhou Kouryudou Unconnected Marketeers: All Trophies

A translation/cheat sheet of all Trophies available to unlock in-game, so that you can Shift+Tab your way through stages instead of Alt+Tabbing them. All the hard work by Touhou Wiki contributors.   A.K.A. Achievements. Spoilers as usual. See to Passive Cards Blank Card for alternate ending. Bad endings are by Game-overing then continuing and beating […]