Town of Passion: Cellar Lever Puzzle Guide

Here is a guide for you to solve the Cellar Lever Puzzle in Town of Passion game. enjoy the game.


Town of Passion Cellar Lever Puzzle Guide

Upon entering, pick up the Lantern on the table. You will not be able to enter unless you do.
Navigate through the darkness and then a cut-scene will play. The Stone plate will say: “Grey will reset. The liquoR storaGe is beYond the taBle.” Navigate through the darkness activating the switches in a certain sequence.
Hint: To the Capital, think of Colour.
Once you have activated them in that sequence a gate will open.
Pick up the Champagne in the silver chest.
The first Brown Chest will give a Bottle of Wine, the second behind a hidden wall will give 3 Goddess Coins. The Stone Pile will give 8 gold. The barrel will give a Bottle of Wine.
The Gold Lever, unlocks the fire barrier to the Barley Charm, to unlock, read the broken stone tablet beside the Gold Lever.
Hint: First reset the levers and follow the stone tablet.
The Cellar Door will take you to Raylene’s Bedroom.
The Purple Pillars will disappear near the end of the Lust Route, the chest inside gives 3 Goddess Coins.


Midday (same day): Go back upstairs and talk to Raylene to give her the Champagne. She will reward you with a special job. Choose to Work and pick Special Job (???).

Access to Bar Grind (Butt-Job) scene.
Evening: Talk to Raylene, she will wonder whether she wants Red Wine or Ale.
Note #1: Going with either only slightly changes dialogue between them. After your choice she will want you to join her in the Bar at night. What changes here is that Raylene will now be sitting outside the bar instead of in it at Night.
Note #2: Go and buy a wine bottle with the money you have acquired until now if you didn’t find them in the Cellar.

Night (same day): Go to Raylene, her hair will be down and chilling with a nice glass of wine. Talk to her. Choose the Drink option to give her the Bottle of Wine (you will need Charm Level 2 to give her the Wine Bottle). Enter a cut-scene, after cut-scene, access to Kiss Scene gained.
Midday: Go to Raylene, talk to her, then Work for Special Job for second variation. (Note: again, if you didn’t take the wine from the Cellar go buy another with the money acquired).
Night: Go to Raylene and choose Drink to give her the second Bottle of Wine. Enter a cut-scene, Raylene has become quite tipsy, Roselyn enters briefly to deliver a package to Raylene, what its contents is a mystery. Access to Blow-Job scene gained. Go sleep.
Go do whatever you want for the Morning, Midday and Evening.
Night: Talk to Raylene and pick Special Date, a cut-scene will play. Raylene will now require you to help with her desires.


That’s the end of the guide. hope you like it.

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