Town of Passion Cheat Rock Location

Town of Passion is created by Siren’s Domain, an RPG Maker Adventure
game that uses puzzle-solving and riddles to further the game. here is a simple guide on how to find the cheat rock in the game.


Town of Passion Cheat Rock Location

The Cheat Rock is, well, a massive rock that allows for cheating!
Inked > See Mary’s Retro Look.
Blessing > Blesses you with 15 Goddess Coins.
ResetHer > Resets character roles and names.
SirenSez > Resets all dialogue text to the original.
Autosave > Enables/Disables Autosave feature.
LokiKiss > Max’s out all trainable stats to level 5.
To know these have worked, you will hear a bell ringing sound.


That’s all we share about “Town of Passion Cheat Rock” if you are stuck in the game. please let me know.

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