Town of Passion: Theatre Guide (How to Unlock Every Scene)

Here is a guide on how to unlock every scene in the Theatre. Hope it helps!


Town of Passion Theatre Guide

Cyan: Play the Storyline

Check with Mary in the evening after fully romancing her to have sex in the bath.

Complete Tana’s third mission to have sex with her.

Red: Sidequests

Bunny Girl: donate 10 goddess coins to the private chambers.

Maya: find all treasure map locations.
Fea: train intelligence and read all stone tablets.
Sera: complete all storage room puzzles.
Flora: collect her flowers and find all Gorgons.
Auri: solve the rift puzzle, drink her potion, return to her.

Lime: Postgame

Unlock these scenes by talking to the characters after finishing the story.

Orange: Halloween Horror

Unlock these scenes by finishing the Halloween Horror tale.

Pink: Salacious Sakura

Complete the Salacious Sakura tale to get the scenes with Mary, Roselyn and Minerva.

Find the hidden Charm in the crimson path for Akane’s scene.

White: Arctic Allure

Unlock these scenes by finishing the Arctic Allure tale.

Yellow: Bosom Beach

Unlock these scenes by finishing the Bosom Beach tale.

Blue: Gemstones

Deliver all gemstones to Nyx after finishing the story to unlock these scenes.

Black: Miscellaneous

Dark Elf: Enter the blue boundary, catch two guards “slacking off“ behind the breakable wall, talk to the guard on the left a few times.

Lederhosen Raylene: solve the second puzzle in Raylene’s cellar, grab the charm and craft the outfit.

Festive Mary: take Mary through the green boundary, go straight down, enter
the rift, open the chest next to the workshop, craft the outfit.
Cupid Roselyn: Complete the Lust Challenge in Roselyn’s storage, grab the charm and craft the outfit.

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Here are all the Theatres guide for you, with this full guide, you won’t miss any theatre anymore.

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