Township – Coins, Tcash and Clovers

Township is a game about running your own town. You can plant and harvest crops, build houses, and trade what you collect for new materials. This game is far from the first game of its type. You can manage to grow your town into a bustling city without spending any money. the graphics are cute and attractive and the animations are nice. Besides. You can run the game very well even on low end devices. Here is the guide about coins, Tcash and clovers in Township.


How to Get More Coins in Township?

  1. Enter the game every day to receive coins as daily bonuses.
    2. Fill townspeople’s orders at the helicopter pad.
    3. Explore the mine. You can find coins hidden there in earth tiles or treasure chests.
    4. Play at the House of Luck to win coins as prizes.
    5. Load and send airplanes. You’ll receive coins for every loaded crate as well as for fully loaded cargo holds.
    6. Open chests with gifts from your friends. Some of them may contain coins.
    7. Help your friends in their towns. Every product you give them earns you a few coins.
    8. Melt down ingots at the Mint to make coins.
    9. Sell items and building materials you don’t need right from the Barn.
    10. Take part in weekly regattas. You can get coins as rewards for strong finishes.
    11. Buy coins at the in-game store as an in-app purchase.


How to Confirm Button for Tcash?

We can set our game with a confirmation button before spending Tcash. Here is how :
1- Go to settings (wheel/cog at left under population)
2- Go to Additional settings
4- Click on the square to get a Check mark beside Use Cash


    Take note that this work for :

  • calling new trains
  • finishing crops
  • finishing products in factories
  • buying boxes in factories
  • renewing the market
  • upgrading the barn (added sept 30)
  • buying the special green boxes in the market


Tips & Tricks For Getting Township Cash

Although you can buy t cash in the game store. You don’t need it. You can get t cash in the game with any other ways.

Tips and Tricks

  • Enjoy the process of playing the game
  • Don’t buy the community building unless you need the building supplies to completed.


Best way to Spend Tcash?

What I spend T-cash for:
– The last few tools for a barn upgrade – more storage room makes everything else in the game easier
– More market boxes (although I am up to 50, which is enough for my needs, so I haven’t bought any in a while)
– More boxes in factories IF I find that I need more – I don’t automatically pay to add them all as soon as I have a new factory. But I am only on a few times during the day, so many of my factories are maxed out so I can load them up to keep working when I am offline
– Changing the time that my market refreshes (4 and 10 are the change times that work for me – I pay to adjust it whenever we have a time change)
– Occasionally, to buy mine tools if I am trying to finish a mining task or hurry up a building if I want to see it finished, but I recognize this is a poor use of t-cash and just indulge my own whim

What I DON’T spend t-cash for:
– Hurrying up products or trains or planes or boats
– Decorations (unless I REALLY want it lol)
– Opening chests. Good rewards are so rare (at least for me) that I don’t even bother any more
– The dealer, most of the time. I am in a very helping-oriented coop, so I can usually get help from other coop members. Once or twice a month I will buy him for 1 day to stock up on jewelry and ore, but that is all.
– Anything upgradable


How Many Clovers Can You Store and How to Get Them?

maximum 100 clovers in the town hall.
you will need to use the clover in your HOL  or else any additional clover from your helped item will be a waste.

In some coops, you can just post in chat that you are looking for clovers. Then one of your fellow coopers will purposely ask for help so you can fill it and get a clover. Same with product requesting.

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