Trader Life Simulator: How to Solve “Car out of gas” Issue

Trader Life Simulator is a new simulation game on Steam. here is a simple solution for you to solve the “car out of gas” problem.


How to Fix “Car out of gas” Issue?

The solution for this problem is to buy a phone from the phone shop and use it to refill all of your vehicles with gas ⛽


Credit to mohammed.qasrawi1992


Features in the Game :
– Customize your house including furniture , PC , … etc.
– Watching TV and more places to visit
– Day / night cycle and weather system .
– Bills system .
– Economy system , bank , loans , ATM , credit card and more
– Phone / Laptops The player can buy and use .
– Shops restock system .
– Survival aspects including hunger , dirtiness … etc .
– So many shops in the city and you can interact and buy from them .
– A lot of customizations and furniture for your shop .
– Worker in your shop .
– Cars to drive and transport your goods .
– Vehicles needs gasoline , oil and repairs , also there is a car mechanic in the city !
– You can buy from shops : vehicles , food , drink , oil and 50+ more items .
– Companies and much more interesting places that you can work with and
have more income rather than managing your shop .

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