Train Simulator 2019 Basic And Advanced Settings

Train Simulator 2019 is a simulation game released in 2018. Here is the graphics setting of the game below


TS19 Graphics Settings

Use the Graphics screen to configure how the game looks. When first installed, Train Simulator tries to set graphics appropriate to available hardware. The following options are provided to allow adjustment to that configuration:

Master Detail

This quickly sets the options based on performance. To set an individual feature, click on the Advanced button below.


Set the screen resolution to be used. This cannot be set larger than the computer is already operating at. Note that higher resolutions require more processing power and can lead to a drop in performance. Note that Train Simulator will restart after changes to the screen resolution.

Full Screen

Switch between Windowed, Full Screen and Borderless modes.

Dynamic Lighting

This enables dynamic shadow and lighting effects which significantly enhance the appearance of the game.


Change display brightness – only available in Full Screen mode.


Customise the graphical options individually rather than using the Master Detail option above. Default Restore the graphics settings to default values chosen at installation.


Advanced Graphics Settings

Master Detail

This sets the options based on performance of available hardware.


Defines how smooth geometry appears. Higher combinations require significantly more hardware to run efficiently.

Texture Filtering

Defines how crisp textures appear. Higher settings require significantly more hardware to run efficiently.

Scenery Quality

The complexity and quality of models and textures display.

Scenery Density

The amount of scenery displayed.

View Distance

The distance out to which scenery is displayed.

Shadow Quality

The sharpness of shadows cast by objects.

Water Quality

The clarity of reflections displayed in water.

Procedural Flora

Toggles the display of automatically generated grass near the camera.

Adaptive Bloom

Toggles light intensity when moving from areas of darkness into areas of brightness or vice versa. Depth of Field Toggles a blur effect of distant scenery to simulate focus.

Head Light Flares

Toggles a sparkle effect generated by train headlights



TS19 Gameplay Settings

The Gameplay screen configures how the simulation itself operates.

Train Controls

Select from Expert or Simple methods of train control.

Career Scoring

Toggles performance monitoring and scoring of Career Scenarios


Toggles the display of text when the mouse is over an interactive item.

Auto Coupling

Toggle vehicles to couple automatically on contact.

Auto Fireman

Toggle computer controlled Fireman operation.

Passing Danger Signal ends game

If a signal is passed when it is Red, the scenario will be automatically ended.

Warn on English content

Displays a message if the scenario chosen is not translated into the language being used.

Auto Braking

Toggle brakes to apply if train exceeds designated speed limit

Allow all Coupling

Toggle ability to allow any coupling type, to connect with any other.

Auto Pause

Pauses gameplay while message boxes are displayed on screen.

Show Intro Movie

Toggle display of the intro movie when Train Simulator starts.


TS19 Audio Settings

Master Volume

This controls the overall volume of audio in Train Simulator.

Ambient Volume

This controls the background audio when driving trains.

Menu Music

Toggle playing of music in the Front End Menu System.

Enable EFX

Toggle application of reverb effects while driving. This affects such things as echo in tunnels, and the reflection of sound through cuttings or passing over bridges.


TS19 Controls Settings

Control Input

Allows for automatic detection of the Xbox 360 Controller if one is connected. If set to Mouse/Keyboard, any connected controller will be ignored.


Affects the response time of control inputs from the chosen device.


Toggles vibration of the Xbox 360 Controller.

Invert Y-Axis

Affects the vertical direction of movement applied by the Xbox 360 Controller. Forward for up, backward for down, or vice versa.


TS19 Tools Settings


Available only if Train Simulator is running in Windowed Mode. This button opens the folder in which additional DLC related manuals are installed.

Clear Cache

If installing non-official content, this option forces Train Simulator to recheck what content installed.

Reset Progress

This option will delete the complete progress obtained by the player. While no purchased or installed content will be lost, any scenario completion, Experience Points, Medals or Achievements will be reset.

Google Maps

This controls the display of Google Maps in the World Editor.

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