Train Station Renovation: Tips & Tricks

Train Station Renovation is a simulator game that is released by Live Motion Games, Here is a few tips and tricks for the beginners.

1. If you don’t know how to solve a task, check your tablet, there is a full description about your actual task. (Like what to do with the waste barrels in lvl 3)

2. Don’t forget to sell your dumpsters at the end of the level. It looks like you don’t get the money back if you finish the level without selling them.

3. Segerated dumpsters cost 1600$ but only return 800$ be aware of this before placing more of them then you maybe really need. Mixed Dumpsters are fine, cost 1000$ return 800$.

4. You don’t need to clean graffiti’s by 100% to remove them, so you can save some time by just aiming for the areas with the most paint.

5. Check the other room of your office, if not done yet. Choo Choo!

6. While holding trash, a very small icon will appear and lower right corner that tells you what kind of trash it is and where to dump it. This may prevent you from fines or earning less money because you throw it into the mixed dumpster.

Credit to Waaaghboss Smashface

That’s all about the “Train Station Renovation: Tips & Tricks”, if you have new tips and tricks for the game, you can contribute in the comment.

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