Trials of Fire: Beginners’ Guides

Here is a basic guide/Advice for Beginners.


The Basics
Things you can do you with the cards in hand:
  • You can save one card per character each turn, this way you can play a useful card next turn if you ran out of WP
  • A card doesn’t only cost the willpower to play, but the willpower and itself.
  • Discardind cards either makes you obtain 1 WP per card ( WP are shared between characters) or move the character that discarded that card, if unspent WP it will transform into defence points next turn.
  • You can reshuffle your hand, but it’s limited and only recommended to use when you’re in a bad spot, also number of reshuffling comes from your gear quality. the better quality more reshuffling you can do.
Replacing/Upgrading Cards
When leveling up you can choose either upgrade one card or replace one from your character deck.
Also you can upgrade a card using meditation.


My advice, don’t upgrade basics cards like swipe, power shot or advance, here’s why, those basics card don’t provide any additional effects when played. Instead upgrade core cards or other cards you replaced before. upgrading basics card miay provide a little more damage but that’s it, move cards may be the exception but still, there is better cards for more movement and/or additonal effect when played.

Keep in mind not all upgrades either reduce WP cost, or augment damage/defence, they can hace additional effect when played so check out what the next upgrade does


It’s better to replace teh basiccards for similar cards, for example, replace Swipe for Pommel Strike,
Swipe only does some damage, pommel strike does more or less the same damage and makes the next melee attack cost 0 willpower, both cards cost the same WP, but with the latter card you can start chaining combos with cards.

Hone item/Atune
Honing items

Don’t forget to hone items, the reason to do this is the the following: having a big deck makes harder to chain combos if none of the cards can be combined in your hand in that turn, those cards take longer to appear, also not all cards are that good, and just take space, you can say that could be dsicarded and gain 1 WP or use to move, but that’s a card wasted, you can move farther using a proper movement card.


Use to keep the card when you want to change for better gear, honestly i see no other reason, it would be a waste of materials.

Here’s comes the best from the game:
Chaining combos.

For begginers, i say start with each character cards, with time and practice you can make synergy between characters cards, but for now focus on just one. it’s easier that way.

Advanced synergy comes from the non-starter characters.

Alchemist: can create lot cards, either if you have a bad hand, that’s a lots of WP, try to upgrade/combine those cards to get either more options or more cards to draw.

Witch: This character his/her deal is to steal cards from opponent

The other characters have their ways to draw more cards in your turn but with the characters before mentioned are way easier to generate WP and be able chain combo with using those WP generated that way.

Power for everyone

Many powers can be applied other than the character with the card in hand!
This is where the fun begins,
you can help your characters to gett buffed in ways that themselves can’t.
An example of this, alchemist has a card in which can deal additional damage if has 5+ of defence, the warrior can easily buff that quantity of defence, the alchemist alone i say it’s gonna take a while to do it solo, eve more harder to do if he/she is fighting the enemy.

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