Trombone Champ: 100% Achievement Guide

This guide will help you get every achievement in Trombone Champ.


This guide will explain how to unlock every achievement in Trombone Champ.

There are currently 21 achievements in the game.
The developer recently announced that some updates will be coming in the future, so this number may change. If new achievements are added, I’ll update this guide as soon as possible.

Please feel free to comment below if you have any suggestions or corrections!

⚠ Warning: Spoilers Ahead! ⚠

This guide contains spoilers for the entire game. If you’d like to discover the story and secrets on your own, please proceed with caution.


Casual Achievements


The Music Enjoyer
Play at least 20 tracks.

Self-explanatory: just play 20 different tracks.

I Would Prefer Not To
Abstain from tooting.

Don’t play any notes during a track.
You can use any track, but I recommend God Save the King since it’s the shortest.

Score Achievements


S Apprentice
Receive an “S” score on one track.
S Associate
Receive an “S” score on five tracks.
S Aficionado
Receive an “S” score on ten tracks.
S Virtuoso
Receive an “S” score on fifteen tracks.
Receive an “S” score on twenty or more tracks.

Score enough points in each track to be awarded an “S” rank. Each track requires a different amount of points, but you’ll generally want to make as few mistakes as possible and keep your Combo going for as long as you can.

If you’re having trouble, the best advice is just to practice each track over and over to learn its timing. Also keep in mind that there are more than 20 tracks in the game, so you can skip a few if you find them too difficult.

Collecting Cards

Yo! I Got a Sack
Get a sack.

Purchase a sack for 499 Toots.

Card Collector
Get 50 Tromboner Cards.

Collect all 50 cards.
If you’re having trouble pulling a specific card, you can turn your duplicates into Turds and build the ones you’re missing.

Never Liked the Guy
Turd your last Mozart card.

Obtain the Mozart card (#45) and click Turd Card to destroy it.
If you have multiple copies, you’ll need to destroy all of them.


No more
Abstain from sound completely.

In the Settings menu, use the slider to turn the volume all the way down.
Exit the menu and you’ll get the achievement.

I Want Them All!
Express your love of baboons.

In the Settings menu, change Baboon Preference to “All Of Them”.
Exit the menu and you’ll get the achievement.

Big Brain Scholar
Develop an enormous brain full of facts.

In the Advanced Info menu, click on “Baboon Facts!” in the sidebar.

Secrets & Cosmetics

Mysterious Friend


New Friend
Meet a Mysterious Friend.

At some point, a candle will appear in the bottom right corner of your Card Collection.

Spam click it to summon a new friend (and this achievement!)

Unlock a trombone color.
Apex Aesthete
Unlock all trombone colors.

The Mysterious Friend will ask you to sacrifice 3 random cards. Obtain all 3 requested cards and then accept the deal to receive a chest. Spam click the chest to open it and unlock your first trombone color.

To unlock every trombone color, you must complete all 7 deals. The first 6 will require sacrificing 3 random cards, but the last one will require sacrificing all 50 cards.

Tootmaster Tom & Bassmaster Ben


The Tootmaster
Meet Tootmaster Tom.

First, obtain an “S” score on 4 different tracks.

Go to the Main Menu and click on “Baboon”.
This should bring you to a dimly lit room with two objects: a locked hatch on the left and a silhouette of the Tootvessel on the right. Click on the hatch to inspect it.

Click all 4 “S” corners and then the center to unlock it.

Spam click on the hatch to meet Tootmaster Tom.

The Bassmaster
Meet Bassmaster Ben.

Obtain a copy of the Bass Clef card (#23). Go to your Collection and click the card to view the full-size version of it.

Spam click the card until you find yourself in a dimly lit room with two objects: a hatch on the left and a silhouette of the Turdvessel on the right. If you already unlocked the hatch for Tootmaster Tom, this one should be unlocked already. If not, click all 4 “S” corners and then the center to unlock it.

Spam click on the hatch to meet Bassmaster Ben.

Gettin’ Tootier
Unlock a Sound Set.
Got Tootiest
Unlock all Sound Sets.

Sound Sets are rewarded from the Tootvessel and the Turdvessel. You’ll need to interact with both to unlock all 4 Sound Sets.

The Tootvessel is located next to Tootmaster Tom.
It requires 2500 Toots per reward, with 4 rewards total:

  • Character (Polygon)
  • Sound Set (No Sound)
  • Sound Set (8-Bit)
  • Mysterious Blue Key

The Turdvessel is located next to Bassmaster Ben.
It requires 750 Turds per reward, with 4 rewards total:

  • Sound Set (In the Club)
  • Sound Set (Gassy)
  • Character (Servant of Babi)
  • Mysterious Red Key

In total, you will need 7500 Toots and 1,500 Turds to unlock all 4 Sound Sets for the achievement.



Become the Trombone Champ of Legend.

First, make sure you’ve unlocked the following items:

  • Trombone Color (Champ)
  • Character (Servant of Babi)
  • Mysterious Red Key
  • Mysterious Blue Key

You will also need these cards in your Collection:

  • At least 1 copy of Trazom (#46)
  • At least 10 copies of Hot Dog (#37)

Finally, open the Settings menu. Change Baboon Quantity to “Inferno (Mostest)” and Baboon Preference to either “Hamadryas” or “All Of Them”.

Go to your Card Collection and click on the Trazom card to view the full-size version of it. Spam click the card until you are shown two locks. Click on both locks to use your keys and continue.

You will be brought to the Choose Yer Tromboner screen. Make sure to select the Servant of Babi character and the Champ trombone color.

Play through the track. Your score does not matter – you only need to have the required items equipped and have 10 Hot Dog cards in your Collection. If you forgot anything, completing the track will give you a hint about what you’re missing.

When you complete the track with the correct items, you’ll become the Trombone Champ and receive the achievement. Congratulations!

Thanks to Kaidarra for his excellent guide, all credit to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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