Trombone Champ Playtest: Secret Ending Guide

Guide to unlock the secret Ending.


Getting 4 S Ranks

This is pretty self explanatory, you need to have S ranked at least 4 songs. In my opinion the easiest being.

1.Warm Up
2.Ball Game
4.Trombone Skyze

Meet the Baboon

In the Main Menu go to the Baboon.

There will be a tile on the floor that you can pick up and click the 4 S corners to unlock the floor. If you can’t do that you probably skipped the first step of getting 4 S Ranks.

After doing that keep clicking the floor tile until the Baboon shows himself.

You will have the option to fill the Cup with Coins keep doing this to unlock Cosmetics and the final reward.

You will have to spend 10.000 Toot coins in total to unlock the next part and earn the Blue Key.

Card Collection.

For this part you gonna need a lot of cards. At least 1 of each card if not more.

There will be a candle in the bottom right of the Collection, keep clicking it until you meet your Demon Friend.
He will offer you to trade cards for chests, keep doing this until you reach the final step of giving him a full collection and gaining the Red Key.

While Scraping for Poop never scrap Hot Dogs you will need 11 of these for the final ending.

2nd Baboon

This is pretty much the same as the 1st Baboon.

To access him you will need to go to your “Bass Clef” Card.

Keep clicking it until you get to the new room.

Click the floor and meet the 2nd Baboon, he will offer you to fill a cup for rewards same as the first Baboon, but this time around you will need Poop.

3000 Poop is required to reach the Red Key as the final reward.

The Final Boss.

The Final Boss awaits after you completed all other Steps before.

Click on the “Trazom” Card and keep clicking it same as with the Bass Clef before.

You will reach a room with 2 locks.

If you did all the previous steps, this shouldn’t be an issue. You use both keys here and face off against the final boss.

The song you play here is insanely difficult. For best results just keep holding the mouse key and track the notes and let go to catch your breath before you run out, even though I don’t think it matters what score you get here.

After the song ends, it will tell you that you only damaged Trazom.

To be able to beat him you will have to

1. Own 11 Hot Dog Cards.
2. Align yourself with Babi
You do this by going into your settings and setting your allegience as such.

Now you are ready to finish Trazom off and become the Trombone Champ.

Post Author: Robins Chew

4 thoughts on “Trombone Champ Playtest: Secret Ending Guide


    (August 2, 2022 - 2:17 pm)

    Not sure what I’m doing wrong here I have 11 hot dogs and did the settings but I always get the message I have only damaged him


      (August 3, 2022 - 3:10 pm)

      OK I think the problem was you have to select the baboon character and the champ trombone when playing the song

    Trombone Champ

    (August 3, 2022 - 6:35 pm)

    I got it, once I had exactly 11 hot dogs and set my skin to be baboon.


    (September 22, 2022 - 7:33 pm)

    You also need to own two Baboon cards. The little devil dude from the candle gives you hints what for what you need if you go to speak with him. Not sure if 2x Baboon cards, or one of each Red-Eyes Black Baboon and Blue-Eyes White Baboon. I also had a Babi card just in case.

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