Truck and Logistics Simulator: How to Activate the Developer / Cheat Menu

Some of us are too eager to use a specific vehicle. 😛 This guide tells you how to activate the developer menu and use it in game.


How to activate and use the menu

Go to the location of where you have the game installed. If you don’t know where to find the directory

Open Steam.

Go to your library.

Right click on “Trucking and Logistics Simulator”.

Hover over Manage, then click browse local files..

In the main folder you’re brought to, go into Truck & Logistics Simulator_Data.

Open the config.

Where it says developer 0 change 0 to 1.

developer 1

Save the config, close and then start the game.


Once in game, go into the options menu. You’ll see a second option menu called other. Here you can give yourself money and/or buy all the vehicles. There’s a few other options such as run benchmark test and delete save data, but I doubt you’ll ever need to use that.

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