True Love Confide to the Maple – 100% Achievements

Here is the completely guide to how to get the 100% achievements in this game.

First playthrough (All 5 endings)

Trip to FengYin country

Game start.

✧ Sign

✧ My name

✧ Tell her about Tang Haiyin



An association established.

✧ I didn’t see it at all

✧ Twisty Destiny

✧ Look down a little

✧ Wait for the right moment

✧ Only to Fengxi


Most familiar stranger

Tingxue come on stage.


Change of the fate

If life restart.

✧ It’s all your family

✧ Take the opportunity to…

✧ Catch up her

✧ Need discussion


Happy birthday!

I lost my first kiss on my birthday.

✧ During her stay…

✧ She wanted to keep away from me

✧ Honest truth


Fengyi’s smile

I saw a horrible scene.

✧ She wants to be with us



New life is about to begin.

✧ I will win her heart


Meet again

Guessing game,I finally got it.

✧ Yes


This is the best comfort for her.

After the sky wheel,I believe the soul is sure to be exist.

✧ Do something by the way

✧ To tell the truth


Sharing the beautiful moon

I will carefully taste the mooncake.

✦ SAVE 1

✧ Stay here

✦ SAVE 2

✧ Resolute promise

✧ bet-hedging

✦ SAVE 3

✧ Calm down the situation


The poetry under the maple

I know her privacy.


Fenghua girl

If we meet,we must cherish each other;If there is fate, we must care about it!


Maple and feather paradise

Yao Fengxi’s good ending finish.

✦ LOAD 2

✧ bet-hedging

✧ bet-hedging

✧ Calm down the situation


Water put out maple

Yao Fengxi’s bad ending finish.

✦ LOAD 1

✧ Send Haiyin home

✧ Cruel refusal

✦ SAVE 4

✧ Promise Haiyin

✧ Calm down the situation


deceased person

She introduced her family.



Guihai guide me again,fortunately not at the Ben Jing.


Reunion on Christmas Eve

It was a cruel scene.


Cozy sea and eternal sound

Tang Haiyin’s good ending finish.


CG collector

Collect all of the game CG.

✦ LOAD 4

✧ bet-hedging

✧ Calm down the situation


Good ending

Tang Haiyin’s bad ending finish.

✦ LOAD 3

✧ Continue fighting


After the friendship

Tingtao is really powerful.


Game master

five endings finish.


Second Playthrough (All missing choices)

Note: Here you can either re-use a single save, or make a new one for every choice. I decided to make a new for each one.


✦ Start a new game.

✧ Not sign

✦ SAVE 5

✧ Names of Tang Haiyin’s parents


✦ LOAD 5 immediately

✧ The master of the mist world

✧ Conceal Tang Haiyin’s story.

✦ SAVE 6

✧ Fengxi’s is good too


✦ LOAD 6 immediately

✧ Fight back

✦ SAVE 7

✧ Guihai maple sound drama club


✦ LOAD 7 immediately

✧ Do whatever you want drama club

✧ Absolutely not

✧ Promise and comfort her.

✧ To them both

✧ Yes

✦ SAVE 8

✧ Optimistic to see the result


✦ LOAD 8 immediately

✧ Run to stop

✧ Give up

✦ SAVE 9

✧ Direct refusal


✦ LOAD 9 immediately

✧ Resolute consent

✦ SAVE 10

✧ She’s just bastard


✦ LOAD 10 immediately

✧ You have an affair with her

✦ SAVE 11

✧ I really want to beat her up


✦ LOAD 11 immediately

✧ You really have an affair with her

✧ Honest lies

✧ She wants to be alone

✦ SAVE 12

✧ be at ease to entrust me of your daughter


✦ LOAD 12 immediately

✧ I just booked a room…

✧ No

✦ SAVE 13

✧ Keep unmoved


✦ LOAD 13 immediately

✧ Get up and leave

✧ Refuse politely


✦ LOAD 2

✧ Resolute promise


careful thinking

All options are clicked,except that one.


True love forever

all achievements reached.


This guide was written by lylat

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