Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion: The Sunset Station Guide (New DLC)

This is a guide to introduce the new free dlc and the achievements that come with it.


Welcome to Sunset Station

This is going to be a quick guide to introduce the basics of the DLC. As seen above this is the station itself. Shop in the bottom right has new hatz and also contains items that could be added to the random selection you’ll see in the train. For the purpose of this guide it will be assumed you have not acquired any of these items as they are not necessary.

Getting Started

Enter the train to start(If you can’t do this give up now)

Each cart will be filled with enemies you already encountered in-game. Every few cards you will also run into the first three-game bosses. The general strat for all three is to move out of the way of their running attack and then spam shovel against the wall. If doing this once doesn’t work do it again until the boss is dead.


After the first four bosses you get to pick between three items. Most op and best of all is the lighter. Always pick the lighter. Dealz stupid damage to bosses and can clear entire floors sometimes. Don’t be stupid, best item.

Fangz is nice for keeping health up. Occasionally reward health for defeated enemies. Not needed but at least one healing item is recommended.

The last top beginner choice is coffee. Provides a speed boost, is very nice against new bosses.

You will not always get to choose these items, especially if you start purchasing more at the shop. These items are in rotation from the start though and are all nice to have so grab them when you can.


Loze all health and it is over. Enemies will sometimes drop health, but certain items give alternatives if you want more ways. Fangz shown above start in item rotation and are good enough.

This sucker will heal all your broken heart if you run into them but don’t count on it as they are not always there.

The Conductor

This is going to be the first new boss you will encounter. Will be right after the first three. Is really easy if you know the moves which I will show you now.




Strat is simple. The conductor will always follow the same pattern

Slices 1 time, fight always starts on this step
Starz 3 times
Slices 1 more time
Flights 3 times, pattern repeats

For the slice step the conductor will run towards and once close will stop to stab with the sword. Simply bait the attack and strafe around to get a hit in of your own.

For Starz conductor will disappear and reappear in clouds of smoke, throwing a single throwing star each time. Dodge the star and then get a hit in if you are close enough, but don’t get carried away.

For flights conductor will leave the battlefield entirely and then shoot across three times. Just keep moving up and down and you won’t get hit, especially if you grabbed coffee.

For this fight ( and pretty much every single other one) the lighter will make it stupid easy. Flamez continues to damage even after smoke teleports.

And now???

Keep ongoing. After the conductor fight you will reach this room.
NPC will basically just say that enemies are stronger now. Some enemies will have new effects indicated by the symbol above the head. 
Four different effects, one shown just makes enemies tankier. Other than poison through effects really don’t do all that much to make it harder. Poison is a little purple bubble though. Don’t let those enemies touch you. Anywayz cart repeats after this point and you are going to fight the same bosses, same order. If you make it all around some enemies will have two effects. This will continue till you die. Enjoy.

Last Boss

??? shows up at random as far as I can tell. The fight is basically just two moves
-??? runs towards you and stabs with sword
-??? trip towards you

To avoid sword do same strafing movement you used to avoid conductors sword. For the trip just trip yourself but to the side so you avoid it. Another fight that will be easier if you’ll bring a lighter.

GG hat

GG hat

(if you did everything in this guide you’ll have all achievements for train)

Thanks to TheBlonde for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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