We. The Revolution: How to Fix “Missing Save Files” Issue

I’ve figured out a solution for “missing save files” in We. The Revolution. It’s simple, keep on reading to find out.   SOLUTION 1. Go to save file location which is : C:\Users[YOUR_USER_NAME]\AppData\LocalLow\Polyslash\We. The Revolution 1a. If you’re having troubles with accessing AppData type “run” in windows’ search icon and write %APPDATA% and click “run”, […]

Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine: How to Fix Game Crash

Fixes Crashes when loading the game.   Crash Fix This Crash fix works for both the GOG and Steam version. Indirectinput wrapper can be used to fix the crashes. (It solves a bug on old games that crash from seeing too many hid input devices.) Indirectinput [github.com] dinput.dll just needs to be pasted into “Infernal Machine\Resource” […]

Castlevania Anniversary Collection: How to Fix Audio Issue

There seems to be a highly popular problem regarding Konami’s collections (Arcade Classic, Castlevania, Mega Man…) audio that I would like to adress in this guide.   Problem & Fix It is a common issue that sometimes upon opening the game, the sound is broken: Extremely loud Only hearable on the left speaker/headphone Happens in […]

Soul Dossier: How to Change Language

How to change the game from Chinese to other languages As of the time I’m making this when you launch the game it displays everything in Chinese This can be confusing for many people (like myself) who do not know Chinese Took me a while to figure this out because I know 0 Chinese, just […]

Cyberpunk 2077: How to Remove the Launcher, Intros, Loading Videos

A QUICK and EASY way to START the GAME without ANNOYING VIDEOS…NO MODS or 3RD PARTY HACKS NEEDED!!!   How to DISABLE the launcher, intros, loading videos This is the EASY and OFFICIAL way to DISABLE most of the STARTUP EXTRAS, not EVERYTHING can be SKIPPED….YET! 1> Go to your Steam Library 2> Right click on Cyberpunk 2077 listing, and click Properties OR… click TINY COG 3> In Launch Options section, copy and paste in […]