Assetto Corsa: How to Install Mods and Shaders

In this tutorial, I will show you how to install mods, shaders. In this tutorial, we need to install a content manager.   Installing Content Manager Content Manager first you need download link: link[] – download only from this site Installation: – Unpack “Content Manager.exe” anywhere; – That’s all. It’s better to use some not read-only […]

Final Fantasy IV (3D Remake): Audio Fix For Intro Cutscene

This Guide Is To Fix: The audio skipping issue with the intro cutscene. The issue is confirmed to be a hardware issue on newer headphone devices and surround sound systems. This game does not like wireless headphones/audio software such as GHUB and ASTRO. Windows Enhancements or other installed enhancements will also cause audio problems with […]

Bitburner: How to Scan Every Server

This script will reveal every server in Bitburner, even include those hided ones.   How to Scan Every Server Here is the code: var playerServers = [‘home’, ‘Server1’]; var serverChecked = []; var checkList = []; /** @param {NS} ns **/ export async function main(ns) { await ServersScan(ns, ‘home’); await printArray(ns, serverChecked); } /** @param {NS} […]

SUPER PEOPLE: How to Change the Language

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to change the language in SUPER PEOPLE Technical Test. Note: SUPER PEOPLE’s Technical Test has begun on November 27.   How to Change the Language Step 1 Run the Game. Step 2 Setting in the right corner. Step 3 Select the second row. Step 4 Select first row for change […]

MADNESS Project Nexus: How to Replace Models & Textures

Here is a modding guide created by Explo to help you replace the models and textures in the game.   Requirement Tools [Unity Asset Bundle Extractor][] To extract, and replace assets. [MANDATORY] [Asset Studio][] To view models, and export into .FBX format. [Optional]   How to Replace Models & Textures Setup STEP 1. Create two new folders […]