Tales of Arise: Character Eye and Hair Texture Replacement Tool

This is a texture injector tool that lets you use your own images (as regular DDS/jpg/png files) for the eye and hair textures for each of the following characters: Alphen/Dohalim/Kisara/Law/Rinwell/Shionne.   Pictures: Link: This is a repost of my mod originally on Nexus Mods: Link[www.nexusmods.com] To Install: After downloading the mod, open the folder and extract […]

Cookie Clicker: Idle Mode (How to Play)

Here is a Balances Idle Mode in Cookie Clicker. this mode won’t disable achievements. here is a tutorial on how to play it.   What is Idle Mode? I made this mode or rather a different version of the original game to balance idle play. While this version is for everyone, it is meant for those players, who […]

Crysis Remastered: How to Change the FOV

Crysis Remastered is a classic first-person shooter game developed by Crytek. here is a simple tutorial on how to change the FOV in-game. it is so easy. Note: Crysis Remastered is now available on Steam! If you own the original version of Crysis on Steam you get 30% off your purchase on top of the launch discount!   […]

Honey I Joined a Cult: Guaranteed Bathroom Maintenance

Tired of your maintenance workers never fixing your broken sinks and toilets? Never worry again! With my patented technique your worker will fix everything in the bathroom every day, guaranteed!   The Method (Bathroom Maintenance Fix) By making your workers only able to access the maintenance room through the bathroom like shown below, your workers […]