Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2: Beginner’s Guide

Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 is the series to the Ultimate Fishing Simulator, which is release in 2018.  it may be the most comprehensive fishing game of all time. here is a simple guide for you to start the game.



Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 Beginner’s Guide


You can cast by using LMB or RMB. LMB is a long cast, RMB is a close cast.

After the cast, remember to close the reel spool by pressing LMB. IF you will not do that, the line will be taken from your reel and the lure/float will swim with the river current.

Reeling / spinning indicator

Once you cast your rod, there will be a lure icon visible on the right side (during spinning). Its color will be white or green. If you will do a technique (ex. straight, straight slow) properly it will go green and you will receive a high % for a strike.

Fish strike \ set a hook

Important: To set a hook/make a PROPER strike you have to have PROPER line tension.

When you will have too much LOOSE line you will be unable to set a hook and catch the fish. Always remember to control your line tension.

Once your line is tight you will be able to set a hook by pressing RMB.

Underwater / overwater view

The game has two types of lure cameras.

1st/ Underwater (key: [ U ]) – shows your work of the lure and underwater environment, you can use it on spinning baits and float.

2nd/ Overwater (key: [Z]) – shows you view above the water. Available for float fishing and top-water (floating) spinning lures.

You can change the distance from the lure by using arrows: [arrow up], [arrow down].

Leader length

You can adjust leader length by pressing [ ] keys. You can do it when the rod IS NOT casted.

Reel dreag

You can adjust drag settings by pressing the [+] [-] keys.

Reel speed

You can adjust reel speed by using MOUSE SCROLL or [PG UP]/[PG DN] keys.

Under the left control key [lCTRL]you have fast reeling which turns 100% speed on the reel. This key has an “on hold” function. Once you release it reel speed will back to normal.

Throw reset

You can reset your rod by pressing the [Q] key.

Float weight

Each float has its own weight. You have to add weights that are similar to your float weight. You can equip them in your Inventory.

Rod sets

Under [1]-[5] keys you can fast-switch your rods. Each set is configured in your inventory.

Credit to Raintek


Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 may be available on PS 4 & PS5, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One on May 10. if you love this game, you should not miss it.

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