ULTRAKILL: All 5-S Fish Guide (How to Catch)

A guide to catching every fish in 5-S.   All 5-S Fish Guide Cause if it’s a good morning, I’d be fishing. This guide covers every possible fish you can get in 5-S. Funny Stupid Fish (Friend) Location: Lake Waters Size: 1 Fishing License Required: None Bait:Apple Get an apple from the log cabin next to the well […]

ULTRAKILL: 6-1 Secret Encounter Guide

A guide that shows you how to complete the secret encounter in 6-1. DOES NOT CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR WHAT THE SECRET ENCOUNTER IS. (contains spoilers for 6-1 though obv)   How to Het the Challenge in 6-1 Step 1: Get this red skull You need to do this to complete the level anyways, but it’s important that […]

Ultrakill Movement Techniques (Basic Controls)

This guide explains some of ULTRAKILL’s movement tech (some not explained by the game itself). Some of the listed movement is usually used in speedruns, and some movement may be nerfed or removed entirely in the future.   – – Introduction – – Movement Tech May Change In Future Updates! Disclaimer: I am probably not […]

ULTRAKILL: Layer 2 Secret Level Guide

This guide will you show you how to unlock the secret level for layer 2 step by step.   Which level is the secret on? Starting off you want to select The level 2-3: Sheer Heart Attack The First Switch Proceed through the level as normal until you reach this room with a waterfall in […]

ULTRAKILL: All Lores Guide

An Always Up-To-Date Guide for All ULTRAKILL Lore, with some developer insights from the ULTRAKILL Discord Server   Introduction Hey, this guide will show you ALL currently known ULTRAKILL Lore, with some developer insights from the ULTRAKILL Discord Server. This guide will always be up to date, so make sure to favorite and rate the […]

ULTRAKILL: Advanced Movements Guide

Animated guide for performing advanced movements in ULTRAKILL.   Shotgun Boost Overloading the pump charge variant of the shotgun to 4 will cause it to keep beeping and, depending on your movement upon firing, allows for a form of “rocket jumping” for 50hp. Firing while jumping or falling will propel you upwards by a good […]

ULTRAKILL: Abilities & Tech Guide

Ultrakill features a lot of hidden abilities, features and tech that are either not obvious or are simply not told to the player. This guide is designed to inform you of such tech, or maybe just remind you in case you forgot about them.   Opening Ultrakill features a lot of hidden abilities, features and […]

ULTRAKILL: All Secret Missions Guide

A video walkthrough on how to find every secret mission entrance so far in ULTRAKILL, even the ones that don’t have levels yet   The Guide  This video will walk you through how to find every secret mission’s entrance, even the ones that don’t have a level for them yet. Conclusion Thanks for watching […]

ULTRAKILL: All Challenges Guide

Find out how to beat the Challenges on each level here, annotated with helpful images and thorough verbal explanations.   0-1 GET 5 KILLS WITH A SINGLE GLASS PANEL As you know, your starting gun can break glass with its charge shot. Breaking glass that enemies are standing on will cause them to fall, often […]