Unforgettable You Walkthrough (100% Achievement Guide)

Here is a video of the complete walkthrough including all achievements. enjoy the game.


Walkthrough and Achievements

You can see the complete walkthrough of the game including all achievements in the following video :

1:02 Heartless: Completed a level without collecting any hearts
8:29 5 levels: Completed 5 levels
8:29 Beginner heart collecter: Collected 15 hearts
19:32 10 levels: Completed 10 levels
19:32 Intermediate heart collecter: Collected 30 hearts
30:14 15 levels: Completed 15 levels
30:14 Advanced heart collecter: Collected 45 hearts
38:30 Mermaid whisperer: Had a heart to heart with a mermaid
38:43 Expert heart collecter: Collected all hearts!
39:58 Completionist: Completed all levels!

Credit to Fredericma45 Gaming



Unforgettable You is a contemplating platformer game about love. The story is told in the voice of a man reminiscing about the past. He remembers meeting the love of his life and all the turmoil that came with it.

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