Unlucky Seven: 100% Achievement Guide

The achievements in this game is kinda easy to get, but, in some chapters, you need to do specific things, i recomend you beat the game first to don’t ruin the main story and the plot-twists. here is a simple guide to get all the achievements.


The game is in Early Access, changes in the achievements or in the game can be happen in any moment!

Almost all of the achievements it’s only chapters conclusion, so, you need need to beat the game to get all of them, the others is specific things to do in certain chapters, they can be missed if you have the main focus to the history. You can chosse any chapter in the menu of the game to get an specific achievement.

Chapter Achievements

Chapter Achievements:
All of these achievements you will unlock by completing each chapter and beating the game, not to complicated here.

Meat the Plan
Complete the first chapter.

Spaceship failure
Complete the second chapter.

Scandal on the air
Complete the third chapter.

Hike to motel
Complete the fourth chapter.

Prepare a cake
Complete the 5th chapter.

Birthday party
Complete the 6th chapter.

Complete the 7th chapter.

Complete the 8th chapter.

Complete the 9th chapter.

Kitchen gorge
Complete the 10th chapter.

Meeting at the pool
Complete the 11th chapter.

Escape from the cooler
Complete the 12th chapter.

Ellen’s mission
Complete the 13th chapter.

Complete the 14th chapter.

Zongo’s mission
Complete the 15th chapter.

Creampie’s awakening
Complete the 16th chapter.

Escape from the basement
Complete the 17th chapter.

Complete the 18th chapter.

It’s now safe to turn off your computer
Complete the entire game.

It’s a Me, Mario!

It’s a Me, Mario!
Block the toilet on the ship.

This part of the game it’s opitional, you can miss that easily if you focus in the main story.

In chapter two “Spaceship failure”, after Xavier start to dance and the Spaceship start to shake, Moreau will go to the Bridge speak to Zongo, IGNORE THAT and go directly to the toilet door, Moreau will lock the door and you will get the achievement.

Be like Sherlock

Be like Sherlock
Find all the tips in the seventh chapter.

If you are an explorer, you alredy get this achievement.

In the start of chapter 7th “Exposed”, you need to hack Krupnik’s Computer, to do this you will need three clues.
Interact with the Diplome in the left wall of the room, with the Painting of Ellen and the paper over the table, if a bug happen and the achievement don’t pop up, try to interact with other things.

Five-star Michelin

Five-star Michelin
Prepare wine meat.

A totally random achievement, who will do wine meat to escape from a cooler?

In the 12th chapter “Escape from the cooler”, after you get the cables in the freezer and tried to put in the panel, the shelf on the right will be acessible, put the wine and the meat on the shelf and combine, then you will get the achievement.


Destroy the ventilator in the cooler.

A simple achievement, very easy to get.

Yet in the chapter 12th, “Escape from the cooler”, right after you get the cold meat to Moreau, use the Wrench to break the ventilator, after that, you will get the achievement.( You can do this after make the wine meat too)

Clean barrel

Clean barrel
Everything in the thirteenth chapter must shine.

A missed achievement by players who found the main objective and ignore the rest.

In chapter 13th, “Ellen’s Mission” after you turn on the light in the storage room, mix the acetylene with the rag:

Each mix can be used 2 times, you will need to do more to clean all the barrels.

Clean all the barrels, red barrels too and you will get the achievement.

Or maybe fries for this?

Or maybe fries for this?
Find mega-potato

My favorite achievement.

In chapter 15th, “Zongo’s Mission” after get out the room with Vinnie and Creampie, go to a poster on your left, the one with the the loose wooden plank, use the penknife in the poster, and a secret door will be revealed, with the Mega-Potato and your achievement 🙂

By Dunn

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