UNSIGHTED: All Characters Rewards (Where to Find)

Rewards for achieving 4 hearts with every character in a game, also where to find them.


Characters and 4 hearts reward for each of them

There are 16 chars that I was able to give meteor dust to get 4 heart status.
Contains spoilers!


Place: Gear village
Sells blueprints.
Reward:4 heart reward is a portable crafting bench (very useful):


Place: Gear village
Upgrades your arsenal.
Reward:Gives you possibility to upgrade your weapons by yourself. Not sure if gives you also a discount [?].


Place: Gear village
Mission briefing?.
Reward:Gives you doctor’s weapon.


Place: Gear village
Sells chips.
Reward:You can assign your chips anywhere.


Place: Gear village
Sells weapons.
Reward:Gives you elemental blade.


Place: Gear village
Sells junk.
Reward:Better health chip.


Place: Gear village
Takes care of animal shelter. Gives you 1500 for every pet found.
Companion dmg chip. It works with cats too.

Master Cecilia

Place: Gear village
Parry training.
Reward:Parry dmg chip


Place: Gear village
Sells cogs.
Reward:Discounted cogs. Might have also given me (need to check):

Traveling merchant

Place: Multiple places, Industries Outpust next to the teleporter
Sells junk, disposable syringes, pet food and cogs.
Reward:Discount, and also


Place: Next to the fishing spots.
Gives you a fishing rod, sells junk.
Reward:Better fishing rod


Place: Highways South
Duplicates chips (only selected chips, up to 5 times) for 1000.
Reward:Glitch chip (reverses your controls, not sure about other functionallity)


Place: Downtown outskirts
Sells disposable syringes (600) and it’s blueprint (1500), permanent syringes (max 3, cost 3 dust each).
You need to get to her shop first through the roof to unlock main entrace:
Reward:Not sure but it might be it:


Place: Highway hideouts
Sells blueprints.
Reward:scavenger chip


Place: Industries Outpust, Gear village
Gives a quest while at Industries, sells dust while at village.
Get her stuff from there:
Return to her place, she will leave you a chest and moves to Gear village:
Afterwards, you will be able to buy dust from her (price increases after each purchase)
Reward:Dust chip – 48 hours instead of 24


Place: Cathedral roof at Cathedral entrance
Gives you time in exchange for somebody elses, specific choice has to be made to unlock true ending.
She is the first step in order to get a true ending, you have to chose her twice as a person for a time exchange. You will have to defeat her to obtain a key card and 10 dust. She was 4 hearts after time reset in my case

Joana & Gabi

Place: Deep woods, Industries Outpust
Go to the following location to trigger the even in which Gabi leaves Joana.
Give Gabi hookshot blueprint to move their quest further (at Industries Outpust).
Speak with Joana again (their locations should be marked as ???).
You will get their hearts full after time reset.
Reward: Cutscene during credits

Thanks to KarmelkowyKuc for his great guide on how to get get all the characters’ rewards, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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