UNSIGHTED: All Characters Rewards (Where to Find)

Rewards for achieving 4 hearts with every character in a game, also where to find them.   Characters and 4 hearts reward for each of them There are 16 chars that I was able to give meteor dust to get 4 heart status. Contains spoilers! OLGA Place: Gear village Sells blueprints. Reward:4 heart reward is […]

UNSIGHTED: Battle Across Time Achievement Guide (True Ending)

Here is a guide on how to get the Battle Across Time Achievement as well as the true ending in UNSIGHTED. Review: “Unsighted is a kickass top-down action game with Metroidvania and Souls trappings wrapped around a devilish premise.” by Game Informer   UNSIGHTED Battle Across Time Achievement Guide Beware of spoilers (doh)! All steps can be […]