Unturned: All Beret Locations in A6 Polaris (12/12)

A guide for the locations of all 12 berets on A6 Polaris


Red Beret

The Red Beret can be found sitting next to a tank underwater, south of Vindrise. If you are having trouble finding it, turn water quality to ultra (you can see a patch of dirt or the tank if you do this)

Orange Beret

The Orange Beret can be found in the star-like river next to North Crop.

Yellow Beret

The Yellow Beret can be found at the Airdrop Location/Frozen Lake South-East of the Fir Peak Powerplant.

Green Beret

The Green Beret can be found underneath a star shaped bush west of the unnamed medical location and directly south from the airdrop location at the unnamed military checkpoint on the Highway.

Aqua Beret

The Aqua Beret can be found next to a bench at a frozen lake/airdrop location west of intelligence.

Blue Beret

The Blue Beret can be found underneath a bridge in between South Crop and Vindrise

Navy Beret

The Navy Beret can be found in a cave north of Fort Evergreen.

Purple Beret

The Purple Beret can be found in a chunk of ice on the North-Eastern shoreline. The beret is clearly visible from the surface. It can be broken with a jackhammer (weapons, guns, and explosives will NOT work). It may take a bit of time to get into the ice chunk where the beret is in.

Pink Beret

The Pink Beret can be found at the entrance of a blocked tunnel at the eastern end of the Red Bridge off the chart.

White Beret

The White Beret can be found in the blue truck next to Reginald the Penguin.

Black Beret

The Black Beret can be found on top of the hill that goes over the Highway tunnel.

Rainbow Beret

The Rainbow Beret can be found at the southern tower of the Gray Bridge. To get up to it you will need a few flares and a flaregun/shotgun (or a helicopter if you are lucky). climb up the rope that goes almost to the very top, and then jump and fire a flare at your feet to flare jump up to the tower. it may take a few tries.

Thanks to interesting i guess for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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