Unturned: Ethereal Bootleg Guide

This guide will detail how to start out on Ethereal Bootleg RP.
Fishing, Farming, Mining, Chopping Trees, and more will be explained.


Starting Out
Starting out you want to do a few things. One being getting your daily income. If you run the command /Kit Daily you will get $5, which can pay for many items at the various NPCs.
You will also start with a Rusty Axe, Pickaxe, and some clothes.

Fishing can be started very easily.
All you have to do is “/i Fishing” and you will get a fishing rod. Then go up to any body of water, and start fishing! Fish sells for a hefty price at the FIsherman or the General Store. The best thing you can get from fishing is a Squid, which will sell for $50 at the fisherman, and average fish prices around 20-30$.

Farming can be started by heading to the Farmer NPC. With the money from your daily kit, you can purchase seeds and start growing. Selling the produce back to the Farmer inst as profitable as other ways of gaining money, but it is a good strategy for making money while you are offline or occupied doing something else, as you do not need to constantly tend to it.

Mining is the most popular way to make money, besides berries. This can be done by heading to one of the two mines around the map. You will need a headlamp! Head into the mines and start hitting nodes! Once you fill your inventory, warp back to one of the towns and sell it to the General Store.
The raw ore sells for very little, but if you refine it you can sell it to the Miner NPC and sell it for much more.

Tree Chopping
Tree chopping is a very simple way to make money. Grab the axe in your inventory and head in any direction! Like mining, logs dont sell for very much, but are very easy to aquire. If you need a way to get some money, tree chopping is a good way to start.

“What can I spawn? Everything is blacklisted!”
Almost all vanilla items are blacklisted for RP. You can spawn everything from Embargo, and a majority from 1931 Official Bootleg Mod.

“What guns can I spawn?”
All pistols from 1931 Official Bootleg can be spawned. Shotguns, Rifles, etc must be purchased from one of the following NPCs. The Hunter, The Gun Store, or one of the Illegal gun dealers.

“How do you get money? Everything is so expensive.”
I will admit being solo is quite hard to acquire money. I would recommend fishing as it is a good way to earn money. If you do not want to grind as much I suggest joining a group, as it is much easier to get money with multiple people.

“Why cant I spawn any cars?”
Cars must be bought from the Mechanic NPC. Cars range from $800 to $5000.

Thanks to Grim for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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