Unturned: How to Escape Outlands (Step-by-step Tutorial)

Here is a simplified method to help you to escape Outlands.


How to Escape Outlands

Step 1: Admiral Isch
His Location:
Admiral Isch is located in Icarus (@teleport Icarus) behind the main building.

Admiral Isch will have a few quests before his crew leaves.

Cheat sheet for Admiral Isch’s fetch quests:
– Wildflowers x5 ( /give 5504/5 )
– Dates x5 ( /give 5202/5 )

– Bottled Oil x10 ( /give 5208/10 )

– Blue Module x3 ( /give 5545/3 )
– Blue Batteries x3 ( /give 5546/3 )
– Orange Module x3 ( /give 5547/3 )
– Orange Batteries x3 ( /give 5548/3 )

Step 2: Sebastian
His Location:
Sebastian is located in Icarus (@teleport Icarus) in front of the main building.

Go up to him and speak to him to receive the questline Escaping Outlands.

Step 3: Getting to the Outlands
The new questline is located in Kuwait (@teleport Kuwait).

After teleporting to Kuwait walk straight and look down you should see a small blue portal, jump in. After you jumped inside the blue portal walk straight until you find the 2nd portal. Congratulations you’re now in the Outlands.

Step 4: Escaping the outlands
The area where you spawn (The Outlands) has a piece of dynamite and a map with 5 Points of interests The Target(The Bridge you have to blow up), A mine to the left of the spawn area this area has a piece of dynamite hidden inside one of the gold carts, the mountains has a piece of dynamite and the last one piece of dynamite is in the deserted town where you have to craft a piece of dynamite by finding scattered items. lastly you have to plant these 4 dynamites to “complete the mission” and then you have to go to the giant observatory north from the water.

Vehicle Cheatsheet:

– Fastest car ( /vehicle 43 )
– Hummingbird Helicopter ( /vehicle 107 )
– Jet ( /vehicle 140 )

Step 5: Light puzzle + Maze
After blowing up the bridge and going through the portal you’ll find a light puzzle this puzzle is very easy. Just press the four corners and then the middle piece and then the main door will open. Behind the main door is a maze with a clue that tells you to look at the clouds. So just look up and follow the path it’s very easy.

Step 6: Boss room
After completing the maze you’ll end up in front of the boss room speak to the cat and enter the room. The cat will tell you that the boss inside of the room is immune to bullets and that you have to use the weaponry inside of the room to kill the boss.

The Weaponry inside the bossroom:

The boss has quite a lot of hp(around 40-60 shots) and does quite a lot of damage so watch out. Just kite the boss and then hop on a gun and if you get hit whilst running/kiting just heal yourself by spawning a med-kit (/give 15). If you fail you can easily return to the boss room (/teleport final_g)

after killing the boss if you have followed the guide correctly the middle path will light up. just go up to it and ascend by pressing ‘F’.

Step 7: Credits (+Achievement)
After Ascending you’ll see the credits just go straight and after you get teleported back to Sebastian speak with him and then speak with Captain Marie for the achievement

Thanks to GrenadeASC for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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