Unturned Symco Semi-RP – Basic Information, Rules and Ranks

A guide for the Symco Semi-RP server.


Basic information

The RP town is called Safehaven.

The Staff:

Staff can command the Police. Staff mostly watches if everything goes well, but if they are not doing that, they are playing like any other regular player.

The Police:

They catch criminals. They make sure everything runs smooth. Police officers can apply to become a police officer. It might take a day or even a week to be accepted so there’s also no need to keep asking for that either. Police officers make sure you are safe and well inside of the walls of Safehaven. Be nice to Police officers and they will be nice to you. Have respect for them since their work is to make sure you have a nice and safe time on our server.

The Civilians:

Civilians are free to do what they like, but they do have to follow the rules of course. They can own shops and lots of different things. They are the most in numbers on our server. They can be calm and not do much, or they can be die-hards that risk their life everytime they go outside of Safehaven and get the best loot they can get.

The Jobs:

On our server, we don’t have any set jobs except for the Police. If you would like to be a fisherman, then go get fish and sell it to either players or our in-game shop. If you just want to sell random things, do so. If you want to sell guns, go ahead. Feel free to sell whatever you like. All you have to do is buy a shop, and sell. Become the richest man on the server. You are free to sell anything. We highly recommend that you sell your items to the in-game players since you can make up your own price then and earn more money than selling your items to the in-game shop, which only pays the minimum of what your items are worth.

The server is online 24/7. That means that you can play whenever you want. We’re using one of the fastest server we can get so we can promise good and steady ping and a server that will stay online 24/7.



Please behave and don’t violate any of the rules.

  • No KOS in Safehaven
  • No scamming in Safehaven
  • No safezone camping
  • No building in Safehaven except building inside of your own property
  • No harassing, threatening and annoying other players
  • No bad swearwords
  • Listen to the Police


Ban rules:

– If you kill a player, you will get your 1st warning and you will be in jail for 10 minutes. If you kill a player again, you will get your 2nd warning, lose all of your stuff and get a ban of 1 hour. If you kill a player again, you will get your 3rd warning, the last one, and you will be perma banned.
– If you annoy, harass or threaten players, you will get your 1st warning and you will get a kick. If you will annoy, harass or threaten players again, you will get your 2nd warning and get a ban of 30 minutes. If you annoy, harass, threathen players again you will get your 3rd warning, the last one, and you will be perma banned.

Special cases:

– If you kill 2 players at once, you will instantly get 2 warnings and lose your stuff and get a ban of 1 hour.
– If you kill 3 players or more at once, a massacre, you will instantly get 3 warnings and be perma banned.
(When perma banned you will lose your stuff again of course.)

NOTE: You can only appeal for perma bans. So not for temporary bans. If your appeal has been accepted you may join the server again but you will completely start over.
NOTE: These rules also apply for any rank. So even players with special ranks need to listen to the rules.



If you would like to get a rank, please contact Imagity or AJ1MT in the Discord server. They will reply to your message as soon as possible and then you can discuss further matters with them.
Our ranks look as following:

– Donator rank (5€):

Access to the Donator kit (Every 24 hours): Maplestrike, Scalar, Forest military outfit.
2500 Coins (One-time only) in-game.
‘Donator’ in front of your name.
Green messages.

– VIP rank (10€):

Access to the VIP kit (Every 24 hours): Timberwolf, Honeybadger, Spec Ops outfit.
5000 Coins (One-time only) in-game.
‘VIP’ in front of your name.
Orange messages.

– MVP rank (20€):

Access to the MVP kit (Every 24 hours): Weapons of choice (Except for very overpowered weapons), outfit of choice.
5000 Coins (Every week) in-game.
‘MVP’ in front of your name.
Yellow messages.


This guide was written by Imagity 

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