Unturned: Wind Vehicles IDs

Here is a list of Wind Vehicles IDs in Unturned. Note: IDs for Wind Vehicles from Steam WorkShop   Socata TBM700 46501 – Black Socata TBM700 46502 – Blue Socata TBM700 46503 – Green Socata TBM700 46504 – Orange Socata TBM700 46505 – Purple Socata TBM700 46506 – Red Socata TBM700 46507 – White Socata TBM700 46508 […]

Unturned Symco Semi-RP – Basic Information, Rules and Ranks

A guide for the Symco Semi-RP server.   Basic information The RP town is called Safehaven. The Staff: Staff can command the Police. Staff mostly watches if everything goes well, but if they are not doing that, they are playing like any other regular player. The Police: They catch criminals. They make sure everything runs […]