Unturned: All Arid Barters List

Here is a full list of every barter from the Arid NPCs.   Red’s Barters Barter – Weapon Mod Kit: 1x Empty Ammo Pouch, 2x Box of Bolts Barter – Pistol Suppressor: 2x Broken Clock, 1x Phone Barter – TKB400: 2x Technical Manual, 1x Weapons Manual Barter – Frag Grenade: 1x Box of Nails Barter – Target Drum: 1x Blue […]

Unturned: Market Expansion ID List

Here is a guide showing the ids from items and vehicle of Market Expansion.   ITEM IDs Canned Beverages Soft/Alcohol 45050 CornCola 45051 CornCola Diet 45052 CornCola Zero 45053 Fact 45054 Sprint 45055 Dedsi 45056 DrWalls 45057 Now 45058 Radicola 45059 DrBeans 45060 Coronado Extra 45061 Guiltness 45062 TNTS Beer 45063 Quelmess 45064 Bruhda Enegy/Coffee 45076 […]

Unturned: Ethereal Bootleg Guide

This guide will detail how to start out on Ethereal Bootleg RP. Fishing, Farming, Mining, Chopping Trees, and more will be explained.   Starting Out Starting out you want to do a few things. One being getting your daily income. If you run the command /Kit Daily you will get $5, which can pay for […]

Unturned: All Arid Items IDs

t’s highly unorganised but it was highly requested, sorry for disorganisation! Use ctrl+F and you can immediately use ctrl c and ctrl v.if you want to receive more items, write e.g. / give 79/3 then you will get 3 the same items   PART 1 ID ITEMS 58999 Debugging Item 59000 Metal Fragments 59001 Glass […]

Unturned: All New Year’s Items IDs 2021

In this guide I will show the Id’s of all New Year’s items   ☃️Decor☃️ 1692 – Christmas tree🎄 1701 – Christmas Wreath☘️ 1700 – Garland🌟 1702 – Little Ice Castle🏰 1703 – Big Ice Castle🏰 1705 – Christmas sock🧦 1695 – small gift🎁 1696 – Average Gift🎁 1697 – Average Gift🎁 1698 – Big […]

Unturned: Honorary Benson Achievement Guide

Your own dedicated server required.   Create your own server There a lot guides how to do it. Here only settings how to play on Elver map. Commands.dat Name MyServer2 Maxplayers 1 Port 27015 Map Elver Mode Easy Perspective both Owner [YOUR_STEAM_ID_HERE] Cycle 3000 Cheats on PvE WorkshopDownloadConfig.json { “File_IDs”: [ 2136497468 ], “Ignore_Children_File_IDs”: [], […]

Unturned: Wind Vehicles IDs

Here is a list of Wind Vehicles IDs in Unturned. Note: IDs for Wind Vehicles from Steam WorkShop   Socata TBM700 46501 – Black Socata TBM700 46502 – Blue Socata TBM700 46503 – Green Socata TBM700 46504 – Orange Socata TBM700 46505 – Purple Socata TBM700 46506 – Red Socata TBM700 46507 – White Socata TBM700 46508 […]

Unturned Symco Semi-RP – Basic Information, Rules and Ranks

A guide for the Symco Semi-RP server.   Basic information The RP town is called Safehaven. The Staff: Staff can command the Police. Staff mostly watches if everything goes well, but if they are not doing that, they are playing like any other regular player. The Police: They catch criminals. They make sure everything runs […]