Unturned: Kuwait Items Redux ID lists

This mod will turn Kuwait into a fierce PVP map The idea of making this mod is from my own gameplay in random kuwait servers.Though it’s a good map but still lots of guys told me that it’s hard to kill others becuz extremely high weapon recoil,and quite boring in end-game period for this map […]

Unturned: BVP1 ID List (Basic Stats & Facts)

Includes ID’s, basic stats, and some facts.   BVP1 ID List Rancer Evolution X ID : 53300-53304 Top Speed : 130 km/h Make : Mizuhara Heavy Industries Model Year : 2015 Rancer 1.8 Sport ID : 53305-53309 Top Speed : 99 km/h Make : Mizuhara Heavy Industries Model Year : 2015 F8 ID : 53310-53314 […]

Unturned: MelanieMiscellaneous Mod IDs and Crafting Guide

Here is a list of all IDs and crafting guide in Unturned.   1 30000 – Police Belt Uncraftable30001 – Police Vest Uncraftable 30002 – Female Police Vest Uncraftable 30003 – Police Hat Uncraftable 30004 – Sheriff Hat Uncraftable 30005 – USMS Hat Uncraftable 30006 – Police Commander Top Uncraftable 30007 – Female Police Commander […]

Unturned Servers QualifiedQuokka Chat Commands

Description of the commands available on QualifiedQuokka Unturned servers   General Commands /discord – Display an in-game invite to the Discord /report [player] [reason] – Report a player in game for breaking the rules. The report will be sent to mods in Discord /link – Link your in-game account with Discord for the Verified role and other perks […]

Unturned: BMMP1 ID List

This mod uses the same color palette from VV Series and WC2   Mopeds/Underbones/Scooters “Notable for being the best selling vehicle in the world, the Cubby is also well known for its simplicity, reliability and very low fuel consumption. Also the fact that you meet the nicest people on a Cubby!“ Cubby 70 ID : 53100-53107 Manufacturer : […]

Unturned: Arid Crafting Guide

Here are the most important crafting recipes in Arid map I have collected. Ammo boxes • Reloading tools + 1 1/4 gunpowder + 1 copper wire + 1 metal bar = 1 target ammo box • Reloading tools + 2 1/4 gunpowder + 3 copper wire + 1 metal bar = 1 intermediate ammo box • Reloading tools + 1 1/4 […]

Unturned: All Arid Barters List

Here is a full list of every barter from the Arid NPCs.   Red’s Barters Barter – Weapon Mod Kit: 1x Empty Ammo Pouch, 2x Box of Bolts Barter – Pistol Suppressor: 2x Broken Clock, 1x Phone Barter – TKB400: 2x Technical Manual, 1x Weapons Manual Barter – Frag Grenade: 1x Box of Nails Barter – Target Drum: 1x Blue […]

Unturned: Market Expansion ID List

Here is a guide showing the ids from items and vehicle of Market Expansion.   ITEM IDs Canned Beverages Soft/Alcohol 45050 CornCola 45051 CornCola Diet 45052 CornCola Zero 45053 Fact 45054 Sprint 45055 Dedsi 45056 DrWalls 45057 Now 45058 Radicola 45059 DrBeans 45060 Coronado Extra 45061 Guiltness 45062 TNTS Beer 45063 Quelmess 45064 Bruhda Enegy/Coffee 45076 […]

Unturned: Ethereal Bootleg Guide

This guide will detail how to start out on Ethereal Bootleg RP. Fishing, Farming, Mining, Chopping Trees, and more will be explained.   Starting Out Starting out you want to do a few things. One being getting your daily income. If you run the command /Kit Daily you will get $5, which can pay for […]