Urge: Basic Guide for Beginners

Here is a simple guide for you to start the game.


Getting wood from trees
You can chop down a tree with fxe. custom axe (which you can craft by combining wood and metal sheet).

Getting wood without an axe
You can get wood by cutting down (with any meele weapon) the green big bush

or from the old stump remain of a tree.

Reducing Urge dust
Currently the only way to reduce the Urge dust is to wait, it will clear out after some time. I’m planning to add better ways to reduce it in the near future. You can see the amount of Urge dust on these things.

Getting the vehicles
Vehicles are well hidden around the map, so just keep searching.

Getting ammo
Ammo can be found or crafted.
1. You have to get gun powder (saltpeter + coal [found in caves or made by dropping wood or
plywood on any source of fire]).
2. Currently there are three types of ammo: shells (gPowder + ductTape), pistol rounds (gPowder + bugFlesh), rifle rounds (gPowder + acid)

Getting supplies
You can get supplies from random spawns (houses, caves, onTerrain), breaking cardboxes/trashBags, random spawns around the map (supplyCrates), etc.

If you want to cook meat, just drop it on any kind of fire source (basically when you see a fire it can be used for heating up items). For now you can also make glueBar (used to make plywood) just by dropping a bone on a fire.

Thanks to EnDrew for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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