VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action – How to Port on Android

This guide is an easy to follow guide on how to port VA-11 Hall-A to Android

Special thanks to Fake Name for providing the Empty Wrapper


Before we can start there are a few things you must have:

1. (MOST IMPORTANT) You NEED to have purchased the game for this to work, it wont work if you pirate the game

2. You need an android 10 (or higher) device, to my knowledge the porting process part won’t work on an older software version but installing the finished .apk port works on older android versions

3. You also need these applications:
– WinRAR or an equivalent ( Link to download WinRAR [])
– ZipSigner on your android device ( Link to download ZipSigner [])
– Dropbox or an equivalent, to transfer files from your PC to Android Device

After meeting all the requirements you’re ready to start

Computer Part

You need to get an empty Wrapper .apk file which you could make yourself or use the wrapper provided by Fake Name which you can download here []
open it with WinRAR and DON’T unzip the file. You will see the assets folder, that is where you will put in the game data. There are only a few files you will need to put in there:

– Most important is the file, copy it assets and then rename it to “game.droid”
– Then put the “sounds”, “scripts” and “answer” folder if it exists

When you’re done transfer the .apk file to your android device

Mobile Part

Now that you transferred the .apk file to your mobile device we are nearly done, don’t install it just yet it wont work if you do.

Open the ZipSigner app that you should have installed and select input, find where you downloaded the .apk file which normally should be in your downloads folder and select it. You can choose where you want to output the signed .apk file

it should look something like this

press “sign the file” and wait for it to finish signing. Find the finished .apk file, install it and play the game!

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