Vainglory: How to Change Language

Vainglory is an award winning free-to-play cross-platform MOBA featuring incredible graphics, precision controls and competitive gameplay parity across all platforms.  here is a simple guide on how to change the language.


How to Change the Language

Make sure to look at Vainglory Steam store page to see if your language is supported.

1. Right-click Vainglory in your Steam library
2. Click “Properties”
3. Click “Language”
4. Select the language you want

If that doesn’t work send a support ticket to Rogue on their site.

Credit to By Rodrigo

Ohter FAQs

Q: All skills do not fly where necessary! What it is?!
A: Go to the Settings section (gear)> if there is a check mark on the Smart-skills punt, then select also the item Instant activation of skills.

Q: Does cross-platform mean that players from phones, tablets and PCs are now playing together?
A: Right! Now all players will be able to play on shared servers, in the same matches, using a common account system. The vision of developers is that the advantages and disadvantages of the keyboard and touch screens generally cancel each other out.

Q: How do keyboard shortcuts work when playing on a PC?
A: Here is the list of current keys and shortcuts by default
– QW – first two skills
– E – crown skill
– Shift + Q / W / E – pump skill
– A – attack of the target closest to the cursor (useful for kiting)
– S – cancel all commands (stop)
– D – healing flask
– F – reconnaissance camera
– Y – on / off free camera
– G or Alt + click – select signal goals
– V or Ctrl + click – “Threat” signal
– Hold V / G – on / off the signal menu
– B – teleport to the base
– TAB – table of results / communication menu
– T – open the store menu
– Shift + T – quick purchase (according to recommendation)
– Space – the camera focus on the hero
– 1..6 – keys to activate inventory items

Setting your own quick keys will be t is available in upcoming updates.

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