Vampire Survivors: How to Collect All Arcanas’ Cards (v0.5.1 Updated)

This guide provides detailed information in a very simple and quick reading on how to obtain Arcana and how it works.


The Whole Deck

So far our deck consists of 24 card slots, with only 08 available to unlock.

*The images of the Arcanas that have not yet come out may change in the future.

First we need to unlock Randomazzo

  • We’ll need access to Gallo Tower Stage. You get such thing by getting level 60 in the Dairy Plant Stage.

  • We should go to the Gallo Tower Stage and then head towards the far north.
  • There we will find an item. The item is Randomazzo , it’s our deck with Arcana. As soon as we get such an item we can use Arcana every time we start a new play.

*As soon as we start a new game. We can select one of the cards, and we’ll get two more by killing a boss around 10 minutes and another boss around 20 minutes.

Card #4 ░ IV – Awake

Gives +3 Revivals. Also, consuming a Revival gives:

  •  +10% Max Health
  •  +1 Armor
  •  +5% Might
  •  +5% Area
  •  +5% Duration
  •  +5% Speed

Card #5 ░ V – Chaos in the Dark Night

Overall projectile Speed continuously changes between -50% and 200% over 10 seconds

The same effect that we can find on Bracer

Card #6 ░ VI – Sarabande of Healing

Healing is doubled. Recovering HP damages nearby enemies for the same amount.

These five items will be improved:

  •  Bloody Tear
  •  Sou Eater
  •  Celestial Dusting
  •  Pummarola
  •  Floor Chicken

Card #7 ░ VII – Iron Blue Will

Listed weapon projectiles gain up to 3 bounces and pass through enemies and walls.

These seven items will be improved:

  •  Knife
  •  Thousand Edge
  •  Axe
  •  Death Spiral
  •  Phiera Der Tuphello
  •  Eight The Sparrow
  •  Carréllo

Card #11 ░ XI – Waltz of Pearls

Listed weapon projectiles gain up to 3 bounces

These seven items will be improved:

  •  Magic Wand
  •  Holy Wand
  •  Fire Wand
  •  Hellfire
  •  Cross
  •  Heaven Sword
  •  Carréllo

Card #16 ░ XVI – Slash

Enables critical hits for set weapons. Doubles overall critical damage

These seven items will be improved:

  •  Knife
  •  Thousand Edge
  •  Whip
  •  Bloody Tear
  •  Axe
  •  Death Spiral
  •  Heaven Sword

Card #17 ░ XVII – Lost & Found Painting

Overall Duration continuously changes between -50% and +200% over 10 seconds

The same effect that we can find on Spellbinder.

Card #19 ░ XIX – Heart of Fire

Set weapon projectiles explode on impact. Light sources explode. Character explodes when damaged.

These two items will be improved:

  •  Fire Wand
  •  Hellfire

Also the light sources:

Thanks to Max for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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