Vampire Survivors: “Skip 3” Achievement Guide (Survive 30 minutes in The Bone Zone)

Videoguide with all the info you need for get the achievement Skip 3: Survive 30 minutes in The Bone Zone.


Achivement Skip 3: Survive 30 minutes in The Bone Zone.

I use Poppea Pecorina since she have Song of mana and is going to be helpfull early, hyper and arcana mode on, hurry mode off. No extra curse from the shop upgrades.
In this specific stage, there is no items drops, beside the gold, because of that you need a weapon that heal you asap! i choose to have the whip and garlic, both evolved, you can pick the arcana “Sarabande of Healing” and buff all you healing weapons, also i pick the arcana “Awake” as first arcana pick, the extra revivals are going to save you in the last part of the game if you get surrounded. I avoid the extra curse from Skull O’Maniac, but if you feel confident, you can go for it and evolve Song of mana.For the weapons i use: Song of mana (default weapon), Whip, King bible, Santa water, Fire wand and Garlic.

And for the passives i use: Attractorb, Hollow Heart, Spellbinder, Crown, Spinach and Pummarola.

Here is the full playthrought:

Final stats of the run:

Here is my youtube channel if you wanna check the other guides and all my videos:

Thanks to Pato. for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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