Vampire Survivors: Weapon Tier List

Vampire Survivors is a gothic horror casual game with rogue-lite elements, where your choices can allow you to quickly snowball against the hundreds of monsters that get thrown at you. Here is a weapon tier list f0r you.


Vampire Survivors Weapon Tier List

Note: This tier list was created by Cass which means that this list stands for his opinions on the weapons. if you have different opinions, you can leave a comment at the end of this tier list.

whip. rank 1. c. fires an attack directly in front of you. midling cooldown. medium damage.
scales with aoe, cooldown reduction, +projectiles. rank 2. gains another projectile strikin behind you as well. b+ rank 8. only gains damage, cd, with level. b
duplication ring is a major buff to whip. as the whip is a projectile. extra attacks then spawn above first attacks. front, then back.
Evolve. whip gains life leech and crit. b+. not bad, but the life leech is largely pointless in a winning run, especially with other better forms of survival.

magic wand. rank1. b. targets nearest target. makes those first kills easy. overall, can be controlled well. low damage rank 8. c- gains additional projectiles, and +1 pierce iirc.. fires pretty rapidly. good for anything that gets in melee with you at this point. however, is ineffective as an aoe killer while leveling up.
scales with cd reduc, +proj,
Evolve. zero CD. nonstop rapid fire. good secondary weapon as this point, to focus fire anything that gets in melee.

fire wand. rank 1. d-. fires 3 single target fireballs at a random target. high damage. random target makes them about useless in keeping you alive. high damage is useless when they fire off versus some trash that would die to one hit of anything. they don’t pierce or aoe explode on hit. rank 8. just more damage. d– awful. also do not gain projectiles.
evolve. they pierce now.. finally not useless. c-
fix? homing? aoe explosion on impact/ground effect?

daggers. rank 1. c. fires a low damage dagger in one of 8 directions you are pressing. low cd, fires often. added ranks add more projectiles. rank 8. adds +2 pierce. b+
much like magic wand. end up rapid fire dps. and not bad of a secondary weapon.
evolve. no cd. attacks even faster then magic wand.

axe. rank 1. d– fires a single axe up.. which pierces 2 targets, then drops down. high damage. rank 2. adds another proc. much better. c tier. rank 8. adds 3 proj by rank 8, and +2 pierce. quite good at this point. A tier. scales with cd reduc, aoe, +proj,
Evolve. 360 100% piercing sickles… medium cd. S tier.

boomarang. rank 1. b. fires a 100% piercing boomarang towards nearest enemy. very short range. moderate damage. then, boomarangs back, and goes off screen. completely better then magic wand. ranks add more projectiles. 5 iirc by rank 8. s tier weapon.
very strong at clearing packs.
evolve. s-. turns the boomarangs into a single sword. can crit. hits hard, but largely a side grade really. its not much better then the basic boomarangs, and won’t win the game.

bible. speaking off.. rank 1. a tier. single bible rotates around, fading in and out. rank 2, adds another. +duration increases its uptime, as well as CD reduc. +projectiles add more coverage. you can time the fading in and out. push when its up, and fall back when its down. by rank 8 its about 75% uptime, with 6 books giving almost perfect cover. duplication ring, and +cd, +duration, even better, with nearly 90% uptime. S+ tier.
evolve. 100% uptime. SS+ tier.
area makes the books spin farther out from you. which is why one of those “melee” skills is useful.

dove and ebony. each fires in arcs around you, in opposite directions. c tier. hard to control aoe. not particularly effective. like the bible.. but with bigger gaps in coverage.

santa water. rank 1. a tier. increased duration and proj. rank 8. s tier. very good weapon. ground effect makes up for random targeting.

runetracer. rank 1. a+ tier. random targeting. 100% pierce. scales with duration, cd, aoe, and faster projectiles. duration makes the rune last longer, while faster proj, makes them travel further. adding projectiles as it levels. rank 8. s+ tier. Extremely effective in clearing packs, despite its low direct damage. it almost always ensures you have a safe passage to travel to, as it cuts linear paths.

lit ring. rank 1. b tier. ignores duration, and proj speed. rank 8. b tier. just mediocre the whole time. doesn’t clear fast enough to justify focusing on.

garlic. rank 1. z tier. low damage. small radius. rank 8. gains aoe size, and damage. still bad. d tier. wholly inferior to the book.
fix? needs a large knockback.

clock lancet. rank 1. d- tier. seems kindof useless. rank 8. just gains duration, still useless.
fix? brittle? targets take bonus damage and shatter aoe damage on kill?

laurel. rank 1. s tier. damage shield. scales with duration and cd. gains add charges with ranks. rank 8. 3 charges. s+ tier. (although the 2 charges at rank 5 iirc? is just as op)

Thanks to Cass for his weapons tier list, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Discussions. enjoy the game.

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Post Author: Robins Chew

5 thoughts on “Vampire Survivors: Weapon Tier List


    (January 8, 2022 - 10:36 am)

    Would love to see what is needed for each weapon to evolve.

    Vadim Pletnyakov

    (January 9, 2022 - 10:21 pm)

    Whip – Max Health upgrade
    Bible – Spellbinder
    Magic wand and Firewand – Spinach and Empty tome aka cooldown reduction (don’t remember which is which)


    (January 10, 2022 - 2:18 am)

    The garlic is great, needs some levels in it but at level one you can stand and do nothing for the first 3 minutes in the library.


    (January 11, 2022 - 10:15 am)

    OK so… not sure how new it is but there is one more weapon, the pentagram, as of now 1-11-2022 it is garbage unless u level it up alot or something{havent tried yet} because 1 it destroys all enemies on your screen including minibosses with no rewards so say goodbye to chests, and 2 it also destroys items that are on the ground on you screen 🙁 so last game i just played fugged me up, i was doing ok on hyper and it deleted a food i needed and a vacuum which might have saved me also so yeah dont pick it up unless u have to which i did it might ruin ur run, unless u want to build on it. i havent figured the timeframe but i think level 2 reduced the time to 10 seconds less which might help. more info needed


      (January 17, 2022 - 6:51 am)

      pentagram will start with a huge cooldown and then get -10 seconds in some levels and increments of +20% chance to not remove items in others

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