Vampire Survivors: AutoHotkey Script (Quick Run Restart)

An AutoHotkey script to quickly restart your run with the same character, area, arcana and settings, with the press of a single key.   Instructions Download and install AutoHotkey, if you haven’t already, available here[]. Create a new text file and name it anything you want, but with a .ahk extension. Copy/paste the script in the next section to this […]

Vampire Survivors: How to Obtain the “Yellow Sign” (The “Holy Forbidden” Stage Unlock)

How to unlock the “Holy Forbidden” stage and obtain the “Yellow Sign” The Yellow Sign is a relic that helps you unlock the Silver Ring, Gold Ring, Metaglio Left, and Metaglio Right. These 4 new items are required for the new Laurel and Clock Lancet evolutions!   Unlocking the “Holy Forbidden” This hidden stage is […]

Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock Merchant and Golden Egg

Here is a guide on how to unlock Merchant and Golden egg in Vampire Survivors.   HYPER!!! unlock Hyper Mode for all 4 Normal stages by beating “Stage Bosses” It’s Moongolow time …and now you unlocked Moongolow! enter the stage go to the Merchant he should be near your spawn (presumably North). Buy the Glass Vizard for 10 000 Gold. You […]