VRChat: How to Attract Lolis

Are you in need of a loli companion? Enjoy the cute bubbly personality of little loli’s in vr? Read this guide to find out which personality traits loli’s like the most! Let your personality shine and touch the hearts of little loli’s!


Step 1: Looking for Lolis

So you’re in the hub, walking around, making friends, life is great! But wait… where are all the cute girls?? There are only guys!

To find loli’s, you gotta think like them.

Here’s a list of some worlds that loli’s enjoy:
– Popular worlds like void club, black cat, etc.
– Cute avatar worlds (aim for ones with hd anime girls ONLY)
– Worlds with feminine music — artists like Doja Cat, Ariana Grande, etc.
– Really pretty worlds with nice scenery, like gardens or forests!

Now of course, this is just for your stereotypical loli. Honestly, it shouldn’t be hard to find one anywhere. Just be sure to diversify yourself, speak out, and make friends. After all, that’s what VRChat is for, is it not?

Step 2: Making Conversation

You found one, great! Now its time to put your words to use, but what will she like? What if you say something you didn’t mean to say, or you can’t even think of anything to say at all? Uh-oh, now some other guy swooped in. It’s soooo over.

Don’t sweat it, just be yourself! Girls are just looking for a decent guy, maybe refrain from the racism just for a day? Compliment her voice or avatar, add her on steam and wait until she notices. If she gives you her discord, instant score!

Show her some neat worlds she’s never seen, introduce her to friends. Over time, your friendship will become way more comfortable, promise 🙂

(Optional) Step 3: NSFW Worlds

You’ve done it! You, a super nice guy, just found a really nice girl! You’re chatting hours away, playing all the games, and eating all the food, when suddenly she get’s all nervous. What the heck? She doesn’t wanna…

The girl’s horny for sure, and you yourself are pretty excited too. Time for those ERP worlds you’ve been saving! Drop a portal and drag her in, there’s no way she’ll be able to resist you now!

Good luck, and remember, be yourself!

By Soup

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