VRChat: How to Convert Photos/Screens to Steam Screenshots

Here is a simple guide on how to convert photos or screens to Steam screenshots in VRChat.


How to Convert Photos/Screens to Steam Screenshots

Step 1
Download and install SteaScree

Download to SteaScree which will be needed [steascree.download]

Step 2
Open SteaScree and select your Steam Userdata Directory, the right “User ID”, and the “Game ID” of the game you want to add the pictures to

If you don’t know what the right “User ID” is, just use SteaScree to check, it shows the User ID with the name of the Account!

If you can’t select the game – May look like many steps BUT this can be done within 1-2 minutes
  1. open the file directory of steam – For most people it should be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam
  2. open userdata
  3. open the folder of the right account, if you’re not sure which the right account is you can use SteaScree to check it with the User ID
  4. open the folder called 760
  5. open the remote folder
  6. create a folder with the game id of your game, the game id can be found with SteamDB.info – Just search for the game you want to add [steamdb.info]
  7. open the folder you just created and create another folder called “screenshots” — Obviously without the ” ”
  8. Now, if SteaScree doesn’t already show the game, close and reopen SteaScree, now it should be visible
Step 3
  1. Completely exit out of Steam ( You DON’T HAVE TO log out! ) 
  2. Now in SteaScree click “Add screenshots to queue…” and select the pictures you want to upload
  3. Click “Copy screenshots to game directory”
  4. Click “prepare screenshots for uploading”
  5. After SteaScree is done you can open up Steam again
  6. Now check ur Screenshots by clicking “View” and then “Screenshots”

Thanks to S I N T E X for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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