VTube Studio: How to Solve the Downloading Issue

A major issue some folks face while using this is that the virtual camera will not download. I have multiple ways to get by this depending on how you want to go through with it!
Depending on what works and what doesn’t you will find the option for you


Why can’t you download the Virtual Camera?

You might have experienced issues downloading the virtual camera however it might be due to a multitude of reasons some easier to find than others such as:
A- You have an antivirus that sees VTube Studio as a threat
B- A small bug when trying to execute it

And when trying to open it, It might crash or just not run!
That is understandable though, we can get past that quite easily!

Solution 1: Turn off your Antivirus temporarily!

Simply go to your antivirus if you have one open, and turn it off for a quick moment to see if that is the issue. If it is the issue, your problem is solved, if that is not the problem go onto Solution 2.

Solution 2: Run VTube Studio as an Administrator

1.Navigate to the program folder of VTube Studio
2.Right-click the VTube Studio Icon (the .exe file).
3.Choose Properties.
4.On the Compatibility tab, select the Run This Program As An Administrator option.
5.Click OK.

If this doesn’t work or a bit of a hassle the third solution is bound to work no matter what!

Solution 3: Install it manually

After downloading VTube studio the download for the virtual camera is already in there! all you need to do is find and run it!
Go to Whatever Drive it is installed on, For most people it is C, so if it is named something different put that number in instead of C

C:Steam\steamapps\common\VTube Studio\VTube Studio_Data\Install_Webcam

After that you will see hopefully 4 files there named the following:



-Unity Capture Filter32bit.dll

-Unity Capture Filter32bit.dll

Right click on Install, and run it as an administrator. This to as far as I know always works!

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